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Online Bingo for New Zealand Players

The world of online bingo is large and eclectic and caters to New Zealand players who have a true affinity for the game. The history of bingo itself dates back hundreds of years with its first version emerging in Italy in 1530. This was really the start of the lottery system that millions of people enjoy today. Bingo would ultimately go on to form a life of its own and garner millions of fans around the world. The game spread across Europe allowing for players to choose from numbers going from 1 to 90 – a rule that has followed the game into its modernity and even now in its internet form, online bingo still offers players 90 ball bingo amongst other versions of this much loved and lucrative pastime.

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90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo is by far the most popular version of the game. Opting in is quite simple and all players need to do is purchasing numbered bingo tickets. Numbers are announced randomly and should they appear on your ticket, you’ll cover or ‘daubs’ them. 1st place goes to the player that manages to cover any 1 line pattern while 2nd place is reserved for those who cover any 2 line pattern. Should a player cover all 3 lines, he or she is crowned as the Full House winner.

75 Ball Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is more predominant in the North American market and is ultimately a variation of the 90 ball game. Once again players opt in by buying numbered cards. The caller calls out numbers and the first player to complete a pre-determined pattern with covered numbers is the winner.

High 5 Bingo

High 5 Bingo, like the name suggests, offers 5 ways to win. In order to achieve a win, a player would need to hit a row of 5 numbers askew, across, or from top down to the bottom. The more lines you’re able to make, the better the prize potential.

An Interactive Casino Game

Part of bingo’s appeal has always been that it is a social game, and by going online this hasn’t changed. The best bingo sites in New Zealand all feature chatrooms where you can talk to other players, get to know one another, encourage each other and make new friends. These chatrooms are run by chat hosts or chat moderatos that keep things clean, and also often add a little bit of humour and excitement to the proceedings. Many great friendships are forged in online bingo chatrooms, and there are often chat games and prizes that add to the entertainment factor. Players who participate in the chatroom banter stand in line to claim extra rewards and chat bonuses, while prizes are regularly featured.

Online Bingo Promotions

As is the case with online casinos, online bingo also comes with its fair share of bonuses and promotional offers. In order to be privy to these great offers, all you need to do is sign up with one of our New Zealand online casinos, select the online section and you’ll be able to enjoy a warm and welcoming online bingo bonus. Because this game is such a social event, the casinos offer bingo rooms and you’ll be able to communicate with fellow players online while you play for your share of great rewards.

Online Bingo Tips

Bingo is a really easy game to play and it’s one that offers almost instant wins too! This makes it all the more appealing to players as no skill or strategy is required. You can win big at any time, and you can pre-buy tickets or play more than one ticket at a time, maximising your chances of striking it lucky!

Even though bingo is a game of chance there are plenty of ways you can boost your chances of a win, and these include:

  • Choosing your playing time carefully. Early in the morning or late at night there will be less players, so although the jackpots may be smaller, there’s more chance of winning them.
  • Rather than going mad and blowing your bingo budget straight away, play smaller amounts, more often, so that you stand regular chances of winning!
  • Playing with multiple cards will give you more chances of winning, and as the casino software autodabs your winning squares, you’ll never lose out.

Give bingo a try at one of the top rated New Zealand casinos or bingo sites and discover why it’s one of the fastest growing games globally!

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