Why An Authors Page?

We thought it would give a personal touch to be able to get to know the people behind the words. Reading information on a site can be pretty impersonal, and we wanted you to know who is delivering the content you love to read.

Our writers are experts in their fields who can provide you with the information you need to know when playing in the online casino and sportsbook arena. We have in-depth casino and game reviews, casino guides and banking information. When it comes to legislation, regulation, and financials we have articles that are informative and easy to understand.

In our mission to be a one-stop site, which provides you with all you need to enjoy a secure and entertaining gambling experience, we recognised that we needed the right people.

Why Our Authors?

Our contributors are an accomplished group of writers who have incredibly varied experiences and areas of expertise. We picked them based on the belief that variety is the spice of life. No matter what area of online gambling you’re interested in, we’ve got you covered. From bingo to pokies and sports betting, our writers have done it all!

When reviewing casinos, they look at general playability, site trustworthiness, the variety of games, accessibility of banking options and years in operation. You can expect valuable, engaging, and compelling articles that will help you to make informed decisions when online gambling.

Luke Lane

Luke Lane - casino online NZ authorLuke, also known as ‘Gramps’, is our longest standing contributor and has been with Casino Online NZ since its inception. He is our main contributing author for our news articles and casino guides. A homebody and foodie by nature, Luke enjoys TikTok food challenges, good morning coffee, and can recite Downtown Abbey by heart. His idea of a perfect day would be spent beside the pool with a glass of wine and his trusty Great Dane, Flea.

His many areas of expertise include legislation and regulation, financials, online casino reviews, acquisitions and mergers, and safe online gambling. Luke is passionate about writing authentically and this reflects in his candid style. He opts for ‘no nonsense’ casinos where games, offers and loyalty programs are clearly laid out and easy to use.

If you enjoy straight-to-the-point assessments and reviews, Luke’s casino guides and reviews will be right up your alley. He will get to the bottom of those new and sometimes tricky features in a frank way that is easy to understand. In terms of casinos, he makes sure that he covers every possible aspect to make sure that you have an in-depth overview of what to expect.

Elliot H West

Elliot West - casino online NZ authorWhen Elliot was young, he watched horse races avidly with his dad. This led to a fascination of competitive sports that eventually turned into an interest in general sports betting and esports. Elliot reported for all major sporting events throughout college and is a popular Twitch streamer in his own right, who also moonlights as a programmer. He loves his formula one, sim racing and gardening.

Elliot enjoys straightforward sportsbooks that offer a wide variety of sports – from football and tennis, to curling, and looks for great welcome and free bet offers. He’s our sports and esports guru who also writes about politics and trending news.

If you’re a sports or esports fan, Elliot's insights will be invaluable to you. He is able to work out those free bets Ts and Cs like a pro and is also highly informed about popular and niche sports. From basketball to lacrosse, pesäpallo, darts, golf or even snooker, Luke is in the know about the latest goings on. He is also an esports geek who can break down the merits and challenges of each esports team and event throughout the world.

Kenzie Harris

Kenzie Harris - casino online NZOur youngest contributor, Kenzie loves to experience new places and is an ardent traveller, photographer and by night, an amateur crime sleuth! She is an optimist who buys scratchies every week in the hopes of one day winning the jackpot. She often writes for us from a faraway location and keeps us up to date on the latest online casino news as well as entertainment and current events. Kenzie writes predominantly about crime, entertainment, bingo, and novelty betting.

When reviewing casinos, Kenzie looks out for accessible playability, and bonus offers. As a bingo player, she enjoys a cheerful and welcoming casino. If you’re searching for the latest news about games, offers and the entertainment world, then Kenzie is for you. Her articles and reviews are current and compelling.


April W Khan

April Khan - casino online NZAn online casino connoisseur herself, April is the newest member to join our team. She dreams of starting a podcast with Casino Online NZ, to inform and engage audiences on a different platform. April is a hiking enthusiast who enjoys cliff jumping and all things adrenaline!

A social media aficionado, she writes about commercial betting, pokies and tournaments, global gaming, and is a casino brand reviewer. She prefers a slick, classy casino with beautiful game design and aesthetic. You can expect to find out about the most exciting online pokies in NZ from her.

As a casino brand reviewer, April looks at ease of use – from deposit and withdrawal mechanisms, game features and rules, to promotion and bonus offer terms. If you’re looking for the latest information on the pokies and pokies tournament world, you’ve come to the right place.

Will More Authors Join Us?

Fresh ideas and perspectives are always a good thing. We highly value reputable content from reliable contributors and have gone through great lengths to achieve this. We appreciate that there is always value in new content, and we never say never!

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about our authors and more importantly, that you enjoy their writing. They have you covered in all aspects of online gaming and can help you make sure that you have a secure and highly enjoyable experience.