Elliot H West At Casino Online NZ

At Casino Online NZ, we’ve been treating Kiwis to more choice, more entertainment, and information on the latest news within the online gaming space. But have you ever wondered about the names and faces behind our content? Wonder no more.

We’ve dedicated a series of articles to acquaint you with the individuals behind the words. In this review, we focus on Elliot H West, one of our esteemed authors here at Casino Online NZ.

What makes him one of the best content creators out there? Join us as we take a closer look.

A Man Of Many Words

casino online nz - Elliot West authorSince his early childhood days, Elliot was drawn to horse racing. As a result, some of his fondest memories consist of watching horse races with his dad. As he got older, this interest in competitive sports turned into a genuine love for sports betting and esports.

Today, Elliot considers himself lucky to be able to do what he loves. His passion for sports can clearly be seen when reading any of his pieces. He has a unique ability to take even the most complex of sports terms and explain them in a way that can be easily understood by anyone. As a result, many of Elliot’s articles are highly sought-after by all kinds of readers.

Author By Day, Streamer By Night

Elliot not only enjoys sharing his knowledge with our readers but has also become the go-to in-house sports expert within his team. And when he isn’t creating awesome content or improving his sports betting knowledge, he’s streaming on Twitch. `

What is Twitch, you may ask? Popular in America and many other places of the world, Twitch enables users to live stream video games, esports competitions, music broadcasts and many other creative media.

Elliot enjoys putting his skills to use in both his content and streaming endeavours and is keen to expand his knowledge by staying up to date with all the latest industry trends.

Delivering Top Notch Content

When it comes to writing an article of any kind, Elliot always strives to put his best foot forward. He researches all his topics thoroughly, giving you peace of mind that you’re reading an article written by an expert.

And with the digital world really taking off, Elliot has become well-versed in all things related to this, too. He takes pride in ensuring that his content really speaks to online users and is constantly upskilling himself to ensure that he is delivering work that is of a high standard.

Why You’ll Love Him

Besides his love for the written word and sports betting, Elliot is also really into sim racing, F1 and gardening. Yes, you read correctly – gardening.

After discovering that he has a bit of a green thumb during lockdown, Elliot set out to really expand his home garden. He’s also taken a keen interest in researching the possibilities of self-sustenance through home gardens.

Currently, his garden consists of mint leaves, basil, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, spring onion, carrots, and green peppers.

As an avid sports lover, Elliot has found that gardening really speaks to his soul – it’s also  great that the ladies don’t seem to mind it, either!