Get To Know Kenzie

Young, fun, and a complete sweetheart – Kenzie Harris takes centre stage in our latest author review.

As an accomplished writer, Kenzie may be our youngest team member, but she already brings a lot to the table. With every article, she whisks readers away to new worlds, and her high-energy nature can clearly be felt in any piece of her work.

But beyond her incredible ability to put her thoughts into captivating words, Kenzie is ever the optimist. She approaches life with a positive outlook and brings this light and high-energy atmosphere with her to the office.  And while all our writers are somewhat different, there is something about each of their personality types that, when combined, result in the perfect team dynamic.

A Woman Of Many Talents

casino online nz - Kenzie Harris authorBesides being a remarkable wordsmith, Kenzie is also an avid traveller. She frequently writes from many places of the world – this ability to work from anywhere is one of the top reasons why she loves working at Casino Online NZ.

To date, Kenzie has been to seventeen different countries across four continents. Her bucket list of must-see destinations continues to grow, and her hope is to see at least half of these places in the next few years.

Besides travelling, Kenzie is also a fan of true crime documentaries. On a weekend, you’ll frequently find her chilling on her couch, binge-watching a true crime series on Netflix.

Hand-Picked For You

If you’ve been with us for a while, you may be wondering why we’ve chosen now to introduce you to our authors. The answer here is simple – to help you put a face to the content.

We take pride in being a leading site that Kiwis can trust to deliver honest, trustworthy, and relevant content on all things online gaming. That’s why we’ve searched far and wide to employ only the best experts in the industry.

Our authors come from all walks of life and are experts in an array of fields. From sports betting to bingo and more, there isn’t a topic that relates to online gambling, that our authors aren’t able to unpack with complete ease.

Delivering Top Notch Content

Kenzie approaches every article meticulously. She takes great pride in her work and puts a unique flair on everything that she writes. Her areas of expertise include entertainment, crime, bingo as well as novelty betting.

Besides writing impeccable online gaming content, Kenzie also frequently gets into the action. She writes articles from a place of being a player herself – this passion can really be felt when reading any of her reviews.

Kenzie enjoys playing online bingo and is also a fan of traditional scratchies. Her hope is that one day she might win the jackpot, so that she can further fund some of her travels.

Meet Our Other Authors

Kenzie is one of four esteemed authors here at Casino Online NZ. Our other authors consist of Luke Lane, Elliot H West and April W Khan. To get to know these authors a little better, simply click on their individual author bios, located on our authors page.