Meet The Author: Luke Lane

We’re delighted to introduce you to Luke Lane, one of the authors behind some of the most popular content here on Casino Online NZ.

As with our other writers, Luke is an expert in his field providing us with easy-to-digest information regarding the exciting world of online casinos. His in-depth news articles bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, which is why he is such a valued contributor.

Now before we go any further with Luke, we should explain why we’ve chosen to focus on him and our other authors – each of whom have been given their own pages. The reason is to add a more personal touch to your reading experience – by giving you some insight into who it is that’s writing the words for our informative and engaging articles.

From casino and game reviews, to financials, banking info, legislation, regulation, and casino guides, our accomplished authors delve into the topics and make them easy to read and understand.

As for Luke Lane – well, let’s cast our attention back and take a more in-depth look at his expertise. Plus, we’ll get a little personal with him too.

More About Luke

casino online nz - Luke Lane authorA true stalwart, Luke has been with us since the website began – which means he’s been a major contributing writer of our news articles and even some of our casino guides for almost a decade now.

His areas of expertise run the gamut from legislation and regulation to financials, acquisition and mergers, safe online gambling, and online casino reviews – while his candid style lends authenticity to his writing.

Preferring casinos with easy-to-find-and-understand games, loyalty benefits, and promotions, Luke opts for the frank approach in his pragmatic reviews and assessments. No matter how tricky a casino’s feature might appear, Luke always cuts to the chase and gets to the bare bones of the matter – delivering comprehensive overviews that cover all possible angles.

Luke, or ‘Gramps’ as we affectionately refer to him, has a personal side too, of course. A homebody who needs his fix of morning coffee, Luke also loves good cuisine and has been known to appreciate many a TikTok food challenge. What’s more, he’s a massive Downton Abbey fan, able to recite the dialogue verbatim.

What’s Luke’s idea of a perfect day? Well, if he isn’t writing his on-point news articles and guides for us, he likes nothing more than chilling poolside with a glass of his favourite wine and his beloved Great Dane, affectionately called Flea.

Why Luke And The Others?

Luke and our other contributors are a skilled group of writers and we selected each of them knowing that they’d bring a variety of fresh perspectives and ideas. When reviewing  casinos, they look at the trustworthiness and longevity of the sites as well as the range of games available and general playability. Banking methods, customer support, loyalty perks, and promotions are also given close inspection.

Whatever your fancy, whether it be online casino or sportsbook, our authors have you covered with articles that are engaging, informative, and valuable – giving you the space to make knowledgeable decisions about where to play and bet.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at Luke Lane – he’s most likely whipping up another excellent review to read soon. Enjoy!