Safe Banking Options & Payment Methods

Enjoy safe and convenient transactions with our online casinos through the various options available to New Zealand players. Options range between debit and credit cards, e-wallets, online payment solutions, direct bank transfers and vouchers. All are accredited and safe to use.

Most websites have similar setups in terms of accepting financial transactions. In other words, the way a website presents a payment system is essentially a template. What we’re getting at here is that if you’ve done business with other websites for the procurement of goods or services, then you’re unlikely to run into any difficulties when dealing with the banking page at an online casino.


This applies to Visa, Visa Electron and Visa credit cards. As long as these cards are linked to your bank account, you can make deposits for casino credits and make withdrawals to return to the source. 

Within the banking menu of the casino, be it JackpotCity, or the Grand Reef, you’ll be able to choose your Visa options from credit cards and debit cards. Once you’ve done that you’ll need to fill in the essentials like:

  • Card Number
  • Expiry Date
  • Card Holder’s Name
  • Bank Name
  • If Card is prepaid or virtual
  • CVC Number

Thereafter it’s simply a case of confirming the amount and you’ll have real money casino credits in your casino account. A rejected transaction is not uncommon when depositing at an online casino. Whenever that happens it’s always advisable to deposit in uneven or odd increments. So for instance, instead of depositing NZ$ 20, rather deposit NZ$ 20.50 or NZ$ 21.50. Read more about various Visa options...


Right up there with Visa, MasterCard also offers the same capabilities with players being able to make deposits and withdrawals as long as the card is linked to your bank account. 

MasterCard is pretty much on par with Visa. All online casinos have a banking lobby in which you can choose your preferred method of transacting, and you’ll find MasterCard under credit cards and debit cards.  As it is with Visa, you’ll need to fill in key information from your MasterCard like the following:

  • Card Number
  • Expiry Date
  • Card Holder’s Name
  • Bank Name
  • If Card is prepaid or virtual
  • CVC Number

Once you’re done, confirm the amount and wait for your casino account to be credited. When transacting with an online casino, opt for deposits in odd increments. Read more about MasterCard...


Neteller is one of the oldest e-wallets around. You can fund your Neteller account with your regular bank account and you can make deposits and withdrawals to and from your casino account. Neteller has the extra edge due to its affiliation with MasterCard. You can apply for a Neteller MasterCard that will allow you to pay for goods at any speedpoint as well as withdraw funds from a regular ATM. 

The quickest way of using your Neteller account is through its VCC (Virtual Credit Card) that allows you to instantly deposit. Once you’ve got a MasterCard-backed Neteller card you can use those details as you would a normal credit card or bank card which will require that you enter:
•    Card Number
•    Expiry Date
•    Card Holder’s Name
•    CVC Number


Moneybookers is an online payment solution that allows you to send receive money through an email account. You can deposit and withdraw funds with it, and because you can apply for a prepaid MasterCard, you can use the funds in your Moneybookers account to pay at speedpoints and withdraw funds from an ATM. Skrill can be funded by your bank account or through your credit card and offers these great advantages:

•    There are no registration fees.
•    Real time payments (instant).
•    Worldwide application – Skrill supports over 20 currencies.
•    Guaranteed privacy – all your details are safe.
•    Complete security – your account is guarded against automated login attacks.
•    Absolute convenience – all you need to send and receive payments is an email address.
•    Multiple options – use your Skrill account to withdraw funds via a credit card, check and bank transfers.


Envoy is a global payment solutions that lets you send and receive cash in the online environment.


Instant Banking by Citadel allows you to quickly log into your bank account and make a payment. The Citadel software lists all the banks in your region and will act as a channel to your bank while allowing you login into your actual bank account with your normal logins.


Giropay is an online payment system that allows you to link directly to your bank account and transfer funds from there to your casino account. If you want to use Giropay, simply click on it in the casino lobby and follow the command prompts.


iDeal serves as a payment method and links you to whomever you are transferring money to. In the case of the casino, iDeal will allow you to do an online transfer of funds from your bank account into the casino account. Like many of the other online payment methods already mentioned, it just requires you to click on it in the casino lobby and follow the easy command prompts.


Ecopayz is quite similar to Instadebit and Neteller in that it allows you to send and receive cash in the online environment. Like Neteller and Moneybookers, you can also apply for an Eco card that will let you withdraw funds from an ATM or make payments at a speedpoint.


Another online payment mechanism/e-wallet that lets you make and receive payments. Entropay gives you a virtual Visa that can be used online for all kinds of purchases as well as a MasterCard that lets you draw funds from your Entropay account. Ideal for deposits and withdrawals from the casino.

* These banking options are no longer available for gaming deposits or withdrawals


Instadebit is an online e-wallet that allows you to move and receive cash. Once you sign up with Instadebit you’ll be able to fund it directly from your bank account, and once you receive casino funds it will go into your Instadebit account. All you have to do is log in, confirm the payment/winnings and the funds will then go into your bank account. You can also use your Instadebit account to make online purchases.


Poli Payments is an online payment solution that acts as a quick and simple middle man between you and the casino. All you need to do is choose Poli, select your bank and login with your normal bank account credentials. Then it’s simply a case of confirming the payment. What makes POLi extra convenient is that it doesn’t require you to use your bank card or credit card. This payment system simply connects to your bank account through a direct and safe portal and allows you to move the money from your bank account into your casino account. For online casinos, this system is effective for depositing. Here are POLi’s benefits:

•    Poli is free.
•    No credit card is required.
•    Easy and secure.
•    Immediate receipt.
•    No sign up required and thus no managing of an extra account.
•    You will save money on credit card fees.
•    Fast and efficient.


PayPal is an online e-wallet that allows you to send and receive cash anywhere in the world. PayPal can be linked to your bank account which means that if you withdraw funds from your casino account, you can transfer those funds into your bank account. PayPal can also be used to procure other goods and services on the internet. PayPal allows you to enter your credit card details and/or banking details. They will then be stored and protected within your PayPal account and all you’ll need to do is click on PayPal in the banking lobby of the casino, select the amount of money you’d like to deposit and PayPal will do the rest. PayPal can be used depositing and withdrawing.

* These banking options are no longer available for gaming deposits or withdrawals