Maestro Casino Deposits

As a subsidiary of MasterCard, Maestro has been in existence since 1992 and has become quite an online staple when it comes to making casino payments. Maestro is now a dominant force in the online banking sector and banking generally. With a Maestro card you can transfer cash directly from your bank account into your online casino and/or mobile casino account. Quick, fast and convenient, you’ll soon be playing your favourite video pokies thanks to your Maestro card. Well over 100 online casinos accept and do business with Maestro.

Maestro: A Quick Overview

Thanks to the fact that Maestro is a card service, it remains one of the fastest ways to get money into your casino account and, when the time comes to get those well-deserved winnings, out of your account too. Getting a Maestro card isn’t tough – most banks provide it as a debit card and quite a few prepaid cards are also associated with the Maestro name. If you’re not going to use a prepaid card, which just requires that you load it with cash, then simply go to your local bank, consult with a member of staff and it will be about 2 weeks before you have one.

Depositing with Maestro

Making a deposit with your Maestro card is quite a simple process. Most of the New Zealand online and mobile casinos that we endorse accept Maestro, so that’s out of the way. Once you’ve registered an account, simply go into the banking lobby and scroll down until you reach Maestro. Maestro generally doesn’t come with an overdraft facility, and let’s face it, when it comes to casino gaming, this isn’t a bad thing!

Once you’ve clicked on the Maestro option, it’s then a case of deciding on how much you’d like to deposit for casino credits. You’ll be presented with a digital form on which you’ll need to enter your personal details, your debit card number, the expiration date and the CVV number on the back. In some cases you might be required to enter your 4 to 6 pin number too. Once you’ve gone through this process, the transaction will be completed within a matter of seconds.

Maestro Advantages

Maestro is the way to go for a number of reasons, but mainly for its convenience. It is almost universally accepted and there’s no need to create an account with an additional third party mechanism. Everything takes place between your bank account and your casino account. Most casinos will also allow you to safely store your banking info, which will make repeat deposits a lot quicker. Security on Maestro is tight and guarded 24/7 through a series of security levels. In many cases maestro can also be used to make withdrawals, especially if the card is directly linked to your actual bank account. If you’re looking to play your favourite mobile pokies or card and table games, why not let Maestro get you there?