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Review: Paysafecard NZ

When it comes to the best online casinos in NZ, we always look at several factors – from the types of games available and their software providers, to the bonuses, promotions, loyalty benefits, security measures, and customer support. Of course, we also look at the types of payment mechanisms offered – and one that always catches our eye is the paysafecard prepaid method for NZ players.

If an online casino has paysafecard, consider us happy! Why? Well, in our review of this popular payment method, we’ll take a closer look at what paysafe NZ is about, how it works, what its pros and cons are, and more.

Introducing Paysafecard

Whether you’re enjoying fantasy betting, sports betting or casino games, here at Casino Online New Zealand we showcase all the best sites for you – like JackpotCity Casino NZ for example. We also want to help you get the most out of whatever you’re doing, which is why we give you guidelines on various aspects such as the different banking methods that are available.

Paysafecard vouchers, already the leading online prepaid system in Europe, are becoming more and more popular in New Zealand. If you’re still deciding on a payment method that is totally secure and works with your lifestyle, Paysafe is well worth considering.

How Paysafe NZ Works

Paysafecard lets online casino players make secure, swift and reliable payments to numerous sites with ease. Simply go to any number of stores and buy a prepaid paysafe voucher in NZ. This contains a 16-digit PIN code that can be used to make payments at many of the top betting sites.

Alternatively, one can purchase paysafecard online – you do not have to share your banking or credit card details, so anonymity is ensured, plus it’s highly convenient, makes bankroll management simple, and boasts total security and instant deposits.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Once you’ve got your 16-digit PIN, you’ll immediately be able to transfer funds from your paysafecard into your online casino account. Simply make your way to the cashier interface, select Deposit and the paysafecard option, then enter in your PIN and the amount that you want to put in. You can keep some of the funds back for another time if you wish to, and you can use up to 10 vouchers at a time. The minimum deposit amount will vary from one casino to the next. JackpotCity, for example, requires only NZ$10.

As for withdrawals, most online casinos and bookmakers in New Zealand will not allow the use of paysafecard. This prepaid voucher system was principally created for making one-way payments. Some establishments might let customers make speedy withdrawals if they have a my paysafecard account, but that’s still not a certainty. We’ll discuss more about my paysafecard further below.

Safety and Security

You don’t ever need to enter any personal or financial details on the casino or bookmaker sites that you visit – which is one of the reasons why paysafe NZ vouchers have become so popular with players who are wary of fraud and identity theft.

That said, you should still be careful with your PIN – since it is totally anonymous, it can be used to gain access to your paysafecard funds. Make sure that you keep this very safe until you come to use it, especially if you keep funds on it to use over a period.

Mobile and my Paysafecard

Once you’ve tried paysafe NZ vouchers a few times you may feel that this is definitely the system for you, and that you want to make all your online casino and sportsbook deposits in this way. For people who use this method regularly, there are great benefits to signing up for a my paysafecard account and downloading the mobile app.

It makes it all so convenient. One can simply scan the voucher’s QR code, and the amount is transferred into your my paysafecard account. This lets you keep up to date with your transactions. You can log in using a fingerprint, username and password, or you can use the two-step authentication system – whichever suits you best.

From there, the management of one’s online betting history with paysafecard can be handled in one place. This, in turn, makes managing one’s bankroll so much easier too. Users will also be able to use the store locator and speedily find any participating sales outlets. Some online betting sites might even let players make quick withdrawals using their my paysafecard account, but remember – this will only apply to a few.

Pros and Cons of Paysafecard

There are numerous pros/advantages for online casino players using paysafe vouchers in NZ, such as the following:

  • Widely available
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible amounts for instant deposits
  • Anonymous and extremely safe
  • Transparent and comprehensive company website

Furthermore, the my paysafecard mobile app makes it even easier if you’ve decided to use this system on a regular basis.

So, what then are the cons/disadvantages?

Well, not every online casino in NZ will have paysafecard as an option. Those that do will most likely only offer it as a deposit option but not for withdrawals – if withdrawals are allowed, they’re usually done through the player’s my paysafecard account. If the casino doesn’t allow withdrawals with paysafecard, it means that players will need to do some more research and choose another withdrawal method. In addition, paysafecard is unlikely to be all that appealing to high rollers who like depositing large sums at a time.

That said, for many players in NZ, paysafecard’s simplicity, convenience, and security is well worth this minor inconvenience. The only way to see if that is true for you as well is to try it for yourself.

Paysafecard Casino Bonuses

We all know that the online casino industry is incredibly competitive and that there are hundreds of sites vying for our attention. Most of these will offer a generous welcome bonus to not only stand out from the pack but get us to register an account with them too.

Fortunately, many of the top online casinos in New Zealand will allow potential players to sign up and make their first deposit to claim the welcome bonus using paysafecard. That might not be the case with all payment options. It is worth noting that the welcome bonuses and any future promotional deals the casino offers will have terms and conditions attached – such as wagering and minimum deposit requirements – so whether you are using paysafecard or not, we highly recommend looking at the bonus and promotion rules first.

Paysafe NZ Verdict

In our paysafecard NZ review, we’ve tried to give you an overview of what this excellent payment mechanism has to offer – from its ease of use and other great benefits like anonymity, to instant deposits, the my paysafecard mobile app and more. In addition, paysafecard lets one top up one’s account without having to be worried about fraud or identity theft.

In the world of online casino games, paysafecard is an excellent option for making instant deposits securely and efficiently. By using it, players can access all kinds of enthralling games, like online pokies for one, plus table games, live casino games and more.

Remarkably convenient and secure, paysafecard is an ideal way to bet online and play your favourite games.

Remember, the entire paysafecard website is extremely informative and user-friendly. If you have any queries about using paysafecard, their website is a great source of information, plus one can contact their professional customer service team for assistance as well.


Can you use Paysafecard multiple times?

Yes. When paying online, the user must enter their 16-digit PIN number and the amounts offered will be taken from the paysafecard balance – therefore, the same PIN code be used several times. When it comes to larger sums, one can combine up to 10 paysafecard PINs.

Can Paysafecard be traced?

No, paysafecard cannot be traced back to the user’s bank account or credit card. In fulfilling its role as a payment method, paysafecard also allows the customer to remain anonymous – not only to the merchants, but also the payment provider. The user does not have to reveal any sensitive personal data, bank account details, or credit card information. This means that the user’s bank account and credit card data is never at risk.

How long does a Paysafe voucher last?

There is no expiration date on paysafecard vouchers.

Is Paysafecard the same as PayPal?

No. PayPal is an e-wallet service allowing users to securely send, receive and hold funds in their PayPal balance. Payment information such as the user’s bank account or credit card details are stored so that users don’t have to type the numbers out whenever they purchase something. PayPal includes linking a bank account or credit card, while using encryption software to keep one’s financial information secure. It can be used for depositing and withdrawing.

Paysafecard is a secure voucher-based method that enables players to easily and instantly deposit money into their casino account. The vouchers are available for purchase at thousands of convenient locations. The unique 16-digit paysafecard PIN is all that’s needed to make a casino deposit. Furthermore, no personal or financial information needs to be provided, ensuring that the method is not only extremely private, but also secure.

PayPal and paysafecard are not the only casino banking options available – the top establishments will have a broad range of choices so that players can always make secure and efficient online transactions.

How much is a Paysafecard voucher?

You can purchase paysafe vouchers in NZ in the following amounts: NZ$10, 20, 50, 100 and 200.