LBinary Trading

LBinary is a binary option broker who has the highest pay-out rates of any binary option platform provider, as their weekend trades are known for paying out at the rate of 720%, which is unheard of in the gaming industry.

For those gamblers who have not heard about Binary Options yet, it’s not too late to join in on the action. In the past few years the online financial world has transformed. Now binary options are available to the general public, which means that the average person can participate in day trading without having to use a trading house.

If you enjoy the thrill and strategy of online casino games, you are going to love binary trading. You can make a tidy profit off trades too, and LBinary is among the finest online trading sites available.

LBinary User Interface and Available Options

It’s important for online casinos and bookmakers to be simple and easy to use, and the same can be said for online brokers. That’s why we really like the layout and design of LBinary, and why we know players in New Zealand will as well. The well-respected SpotOption platform is the software provider, offering plenty of tools and resources as well as great trading options.

You can choose to trade in forex pairs, copy trading, all major stock indices and more, with most assets ranging out to 6 months. Among all of the assets lists online in New Zealand, it is one of the largest and most comprehensive so you should have more than enough to work with. It will certainly keep you as engaged and interested as any of the casinos or bookmakers we recommend for playing or betting online.

Why Choose LBinary as Your Options Broker?

We at LBinary do not require traders to have extensive knowledge of the financial markets. In fact, the most successful traders tend to focus on one particular market and asset, and if you can steadily predict the future value of the market then it may lead to a lucrative career as a day trader. These day trades may be as short as 60 seconds, which allows investors to ride market trends and make multiple trades on the same assets at the same time in order to make repetitive trades, and earn the full rewards.

When trading binary options, you do not own nor take possession of the asset. With a minimal investment amount of $25, you can place a trade on LBinary’s trading platform, and if you are able to predict Up or Down on the asset you selected by the expiry time then you might just become a successful binary option trader.

This gets easier and easier over time, as you make more trades and gain more insight. When you’re starting out or are unsure of a particular move, make it with the small minimal amount of money that we at LBinary allow.

To make things more understandable, and therefore both easier and more enjoyable, we’ve also got some great resources available for you at LBinary. These include webinars, advanced classes and a daily market review. You can also speak to experienced brokers to get one-on-one advice. Make LBinary your trading home, and take full advantage of the supportive community you’ve joined.

Security and Support

We’ll get to the bonuses that LBinary offers in more detail shortly, but for now its suffice to say that they are as impressive as the best online casino promotions in New Zealand are. At Casino Online New Zealand we understand that you want to safeguard your funds, online casino promotions and sports betting online deals, and that it’s the same where binary trading is concerned.

That’s why we know you’ll appreciate the fact that every transfer is protected with the latest SSL encryption technology. If you ever do have any difficulties you can contact their exceptional Customer Services Department via Skype, email, telephone or 24/7 live chat.

To give you total peace of mind that all these high standards are kept in place; the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission regulates LBinary.

Deposits, Payments and Bonuses

Several trusted transaction options are conveniently available onsite with LBinary, including Visa, MasterCard, Bank Wire and Maestro. The bonuses rival anything you might find when sports betting online, or when looking for the best online casino promotions.

You’ll have more to work with, meaning you’ll ultimately profit more. With everything LBinary has to offer, you have nothing to lose! Try them out yourself today!

What are Binary Options?

Binary options are trades which investors, aka day traders, make where the trader selects an asset (commodity, currency pair, stock or index) and then predicts if the asset will either rise or fall from the current price by the time that the option expires.

Besides selecting the asset and the future direction, the trader must also select which time the trade will expire. If the trade is predicted accurately, then the trade is a success and the investment pays in the range of 75-95% depending on the trade. For any trade that is incorrect, the full investment is lost.

Do All Binary Trade Options Have the Same ROI?

Note that not all binary trade options have the same ROI, it depends on which particular trade. Trades differ depending on the asset being traded as well as the time of the expiry. Rates differ between brokers, just as pay-out rates may differ between bets of two different sportsbooks. Just as casinos offer bonuses and other incentives to keep gamblers on their sides, binary option brokers do the same thing by offering similar sign up bonus packages and other rewards for loyal customers.

Trusted Standards

Just as with online casinos, it’s very important to know that you are in safe hands when you’re making binary trades. If you know that your funds and personal information are totally secure, and that you can access reliable support at any time, you’ll be able to focus properly on making the best deals and reaping the biggest rewards.

The Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission regulates LBinary, and you can contact efficient Support Liaisons via Skype, telephone, email or 24/7 Live Chat. Recognised transaction options such as Visa, Maestro, MasterCard and Bank Wire are available on the website for security and convenience.

Bonuses to Boost Your Bankroll

If you have a bigger budget to work with, you can make more trades and then more money. That’s why the Bonuses at LBinary are so generous; we want you to do well. Our offers rival anything else you’ll find. Online casino players in particular will know what a difference this can make, so take full advantage.

Join Us at LBinary Today!

This is one of the easiest ways that you can start making money online in New Zealand! The trading process is as an easy to understand 4 step process where you:

  • Select the asset you want to trade
  • Choose CALL or PUT
  • Invest as much as you want
  • Earn up to 85% profit

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