Get the Best Casino Bonuses Online

Players not only benefit from the great variety of games available at online casinos but also from the incredible online casino bonuses that are awarded to players for a whole host of reasons. Getting the best casino bonuses is easy; simply look for a site that offers you a choice of great rewards and loyalty points and register to take advantage of the generous bonuses on offer. Online casinos offer players casino bonus incentives because of the huge amount of competition in the industry and this benefits players directly as they reap the rewards of this now common practise. Online casino bonuses have become the norm and are an expected reward for players who sign up and return to a site regularly.

Know your Online Casino Bonuses

Knowing what the best casino bonuses offer and the terms and conditions behind them are very important if you want to gain the maximum advantage. It is advised to always read the site you have chosen terms and conditions to ensure that you understand exactly what you will be rewarded with. One of the most popular types of casino bonus is the welcome or sign up bonus. This bonus is awarded to players when they register with a casino and make a deposit for the first time.

A match bonus or even money bonus is awarded to players when the casino matches the deposit they make with an equal amount and a percentage bonus is awarded based on the amount of money deposited and can equal anything between 50 and 500%. Online casino bonuses can also take the form of loyalty rewards with reload bonuses, high roller bonuses and loyalty bonuses being popular offerings.

Benefits of Online Casino Bonuses

You would think the benefits of online casino bonuses would be clear, but there are even more advantages than just the free money on offer. The best casino bonuses allow players to enjoy longer gaming time as they have more money to bet, place bigger bets so they have greater winning opportunities and to up their stakes and enjoy high roller games that were previously unattainable. Claim your casino bonus now and enjoy all the great benefits of gaming your way to a big win every time!

The Match Bonus

The typical match bonus is based on the principle of giving something and receiving something. These bonuses offer a certain percentage back to players and often range from 25% to 50% and 100%. These amounts can also differ from casino to casino. To put it plainly, if a casino offers you a 100% match up to NZ$100, it means that they will match your deposit by 100% up to the total value of NZ$100. So, if you deposit NZ$100, you will have NZ$200 in total. In the case of a 50% match up to NZ$100, the casino will match your deposit by that percentage up to NZ$100.  Thus, to illustrate, if you deposited NZ$50, you would have NZ$75 in total to wager with.

The Free Money Bonus

The Free money bonus is issued in two ways – either by the casino’s discretion based on loyalty or based on the amount of money wagered within a certain time. The other way a free money bonus is issued is via free spins. This means that the casino will assign a set amount of free spins to one of their pokies games.

Why Online Casinos issue Bonuses

Online casinos are not like their land-based cousins – they’re based on servers and thus exist in cyberspace. Their biggest drawcard is convenience; convenience however is not enough and this is part of why online casinos are more than happy to issue new players with welcome bonuses. Land-based casinos will never give new players a bonus – they don’t need to. This is due largely to the fact that most land-based casinos are more than just places to wager money and win. Quite often, they’re multiplex centres that contain cinemas, restaurants, shops and designated play areas for the kids.

So basically, land-based casinos have their draw cards. An online casino cannot complete with any of that and this more than anything else is why the welcome bonus is such a major player within the industry.

More on Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are great incentives. They encourage more people to flock to the casino and they provide extra cash and more ways in which to win. However, it is important to note that welcome bonuses also come with terms and conditions, and it its best that you grasp the gist of these terms and conditions. The most important point to be aware of is something known as wagering or play-through requirements. These are basically rules which you need to abide by in order to get the bonus and to be able to draw any winnings once your gaming is done.

Play-through requirements basically ask that whatever the size of the bonus is that you have received, that you wager that amount a certain amount of times. Quite often this can be 30 times, 40 times and in some cases 70 times. To illustrate, if you’ve received NZ$100 in bonus cash and the play-through requirement is 30 times, you will need to wager cash to value of NZ$3 000 before you can withdraw anything. It can sound daunting, however, many have beaten these play-through requirements and won.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses can account for a number of things.  A reload bonus can be issued as a weekly offer or it can be done by the casino’s discretion to award your time spent at the venue as well as the money you’ve spent on the games. At other times it could be issued as a birthday present and if you’ve joined the loyalty point program, then this too can serve as a reload bonus. The reload bonus essentially falls into two categories – one that is issued for the aforementioned reasons, or one that is issued as a match/cash-back offer. In other words a reload bonus can also be administered as a match bonus. This means that the casino will give you a percentage back on a deposit that you make. The percentage itself is often determined by your loyalty to the casino and can vary from 25% to 50% to 100%. These are the most commonly offered percentages and it should be noted that this too can differ and situation dependent can be 150%, 30% or even 200%.

Alternative Bonuses

New Zealand online casinos often seek different ways in which to provide players with bonuses or deposit incentives. Alternative bonuses allow operators to extend the life of the offer for a certain period of time and this means that, as the player, you are under no pressure to take up the offer immediately. It also means that you’re not pressured in any way to take the whole offer in one go. These types of alternative bonuses can be issued in various ways.

Some online casinos are known to offer up welcome bonuses that last an entire week and are split into smaller bonuses – one for each day of the week. So for instance, you may receive a welcome bonus to the value of NZ$3 000 which will then be split into 5 smaller bonuses – one for each day of the working week. So this means that from Monday to Friday you’ll be able to receive a 100% match up to NZ$600.  

Loyalty point programs can also be considered as alternative bonuses, especially those that work on a tiered system. These tier systems usually work in colours or precious metals and stones. As you ascend the tier system, your loyalty points are able to buy back more casino credits. Your status on the ladder will most likely net you better bonus offers too.

The No Deposit Bonus

There is no bonus in existence that doesn’t come without a catch, even when it comes to the No Deposit Bonus. This kind of bonus is often quite small and ranges between NZ$5 and NZ$20. The casino will give you this bonus without pushing you for a deposit, and you will then be able to spend this money on any game in the casino. The catch rears its head when you win and you’d like to withdraw. As with most, if not all, bonuses there are wagering/play-through requirements which could be 30x, 40x and maybe even 50x. So, you’d need to wager whatever you’ve won based on the play-through requirements.

Finally, when making a withdrawal from an offer like this, the casino will usually stipulate the maximum withdrawal amount at NZ$100. This creates a two way conundrum. Firstly, the odds of making a NZ$20 bonus stretch to the point that you can meet the wagering requirements is pretty small, which means you’ll need to make a deposit.

A Final Word on Bonuses

Bonus can be fun and you can win from them, but what you need to understand is that these offers are used more in light of enticing you to play. If you’re prepared to accept the terms and conditions of these offers, then by all means, try them out. Also, if you’re prepared to take the kind of risks that can land you a big payout which you can use to beat the play-through requirements, then take the bonus. However, if you’re a more serious player who doesn’t want to have to jump through any hoops to win and would rather just deposit money and then withdraw when you please, then let the bonus be.