New Zealand’s Best No Deposit Bonuses

There are plenty of fantastic online casino bonuses available to players in this country, especially if they choose to visit the options that we recommend here at Casino Online New Zealand. All of them can boost your bankroll to take your betting power and potential payouts to the next level, but no deposit casino promotions are especially beneficial to players.

Whereas the other bonuses that online and mobile casinos offer usually require you to make a deposit before they are activated, no deposit bonuses are, just as the name suggests, available to you without you having to put any money of your own into your player account.

Although you don’t need to use any of your own money with no deposit casino promotions, you are still allowed to keep anything you win while using them, so long as you meet the wagering requirements laid out in the terms and conditions of the bonus, which we will cover in more detail below. It’s no wonder these are some of the favourite online casino rewards among players in New Zealand, to say nothing of the rest of the world!

Different Types of No Deposit Bonuses

There are many kinds of No Deposit Bonuses available to Kiwi players:

Bonus Codes

These are provided by top NZ online casinos as a string of text that you’ll copy and paste into the appropriate area of the site to access the promotion.


This version of the No Deposit bonus is exactly what it says it is: you get money back into your online casino account, sometimes in the form of credits to play games.

Free Spins

This bonus format is particularly popular with pokies players and consists of the chance to spin the reels without having to put any money down. While many modern titles incorporate this feature into the actual game, in this context we’re referring to free spins provided by an online casino.

Spin the Wheel Bonuses

These offers feature a wheel divided into different segments with each portion housing a certain reward. You’ll set it spinning and get to keep whatever the box the pointer ends up in contains.




  • Play with bonus cash
  • Multiple bonuses can be claimed
  • Easy to claim when signing up
  • Extended Gameplay time
  • Not using your own money


  • High Wagering requirements
  • Bonuses can expire
  • Some bonuses are game specific
  • Cashouts limited

The Live Casino No Deposit Bonus

Live Casino No Deposit Bonuses were created to incentivise players to try out these games. As soon as you have finished registering for your new account, it will be credited with the amount on offer. No initial wagering or depositing is required for it to be activated.

Making the Most of No Deposit Bonus Rewards

The sign up bonus casinos offer players is almost always the most rewarding offer to be found on the site, which is understandable considering that these online casino promotions are what are used to entice new players away from competitors.

It stands to reason then that most no deposit bonuses are given as part of the Welcome package awarded to newly signed-on members. With online casinos going out of their way to outdo themselves and win you over, there’s no need to settle for any deal that you’re not happy with. Choose the no deposit casino promotions that are the most rewarding and beneficial for you.

While it’s essential that you find the sign-up rewards that offer the best free bonuses, it’s equally important that you don’t forget to check out the later casino promotions and special deals. Don’t allow yourself to be so dazzled by the Welcome Bonus that you only choose online or mobile casinos whose other, more regular rewards don’t really suit your playing style. They’ll be what you get to enjoy long after the initial free bonus casinos lavish on you is used up, so find casinos that will treat you as you should be treated.


Real Money

  • Not tied with wagering requirements

  • Cashout whenever you want
  • Any pokies can be played
  • Win Real Money
  • Gameplay limited to you budget



  • Play without depositing

  • Extended Gameplay time
  • Limited pokies you can play
  • Cashout can be limited
  • Bet sizes are restricted

Different No Deposit Bonuses Offer Great Rewards

While it is important to find casinos with strong regular promotions, Loyalty Clubs and VIP Programmes, you may find a few casinos with Welcome Bonuses that are just too good to resist but whose other rewards are abysmal. It’s fine to make use of these sign-up deals, as long as you also have casinos with solid rewards for later on in your playing journey.

These later gambling promotions are just one of the things to consider when you’re deciding on a new online or mobile casino to add to your playing rotation, and using your no deposit bonus to check all of these out is a very good idea. You can try out the games that are on offer in all their glory, as well as the Customer Support services and general casino functionality and navigability.

Playing for free is also a great way to practice and polish your skills, and many players in New Zealand go from casino to casino so that they can use the sign-up bonuses to do just that. If you want to use no deposit bonuses like this, just make sure that you’ve checked the playthrough requirements and other terms and conditions very carefully. The last thing you want is for your free trial and practice play to end up costing you anything.

If, on the other hand, you know that you’ll be playing at a particular casino for a long time, you may not mind your free play coming at a high playthrough cost. It all depends on what you want from each casino, and what they have to offer. As long as you know what you’re doing and are managing all your options for a balanced set of benefits, you should be good to go.

How to claim a welcome bonus

Here are a few steps we recommend on claiming your bonus

  • Take a look through our top casinos list to find the best site for you
  • Head over to the casino site & click to sign up 
  • Enter your details 
  • Verify your account details 
  • Make your first deposit (You might need to enter a bonus code?)
  • Enjoy you casino bonus, free spins or free bet!

Have Fun with No Deposit Bonuses

Ultimately, no deposit casino promotions will be part of an overall business plan that is designed to benefit the specific establishment, so you do need to read through all the terms and conditions with great care. If you know what you want from every playing session and you know what different casinos can provide, you should be able to get the most out of every visit and enjoy a balanced set of rewards, free play and real money play overall.

Staying prudent while staying on the lookout for different things from different casinos should allow you to have as much fun as possible. No deposit bonuses are a great way to have fun for free, and potentially still win big, so they are well worth your while!

No Deposit Casino Bonus FAQ

While there may be many seasoned online casino goers in New Zealand who know very well what they’re doing when it comes to making the most of no deposit casino bonuses, there will always be someone new to the scene, with plenty of questions to ask. Thankfully, we’ve done all the hard work so that you don’t have to, and try to cover most of the most frequently asked questions.

Can I Win Real Money on No Deposit Casino Bonuses?

While many players might think that taking up no deposit cash bonuses is a quick way to make some bucks, there will always be some or other terms and conditions attached – after all, it wouldn’t make any sense for an online casino, which is essentially a business, to hand out free money. Generally speaking, yes, it is certainly possible to win real money using a no deposit casino bonus.

But, not before the wagering requirements of said bonus are met. Different online casinos will enforce different wagering requirements, and this can be anything from 30x to 70x. Usually, a higher wagering requirement is attached to the welcome bonus than the other promotions. In short, a wagering requirement means you have to play/recycle that bonus amount a certain number of times before it will convert to cash.

Can I Claim a No Deposit Casino Bonus on my Mobile?

Of course! Nowadays, almost every reputable online casino will be not only accessible on, but optimised for, mobile. Some even go so far as to have downloadable apps. In a world where mobile technology holds such importance, it wouldn’t make sense of an online casino to make their no deposit bonuses claimable on PC or laptop alone. That being said, no matter where you choose to play, make sure the casino at which you choose to sign up is reputable. We always endeavour to guide our players to the best online casinos, so if you haven’t found one yet, check out our review pages.

Why Should I Look for No Deposit Bonuses?

If you are interested in playing at Kiwi-friendly mobile and online casinos, No Deposit Bonuses allow you to take operators for a test-spin at no risk to your own wallet.

Why Should I Claim a No Deposit Casino Bonus?

As stipulated further up, there are numerous reasons why one might choose to claim a no deposit casino bonus. They are a great way to check out what games the casino might have on offer, and give you a proper feel for the destination. Yes, there is always the idea of a potential payout, but we should reiterate that any online casino experience should always, first and foremost, be about having fun. What’s more, there are hundreds of online casino games that offer a Demo Mode, which means you can try them out first without spending a cent.

How Does a No Deposit Casino Bonus Work?

Some no deposit casinos will still require you to create an account with some personal details, such as your name and email address. Thereafter, your newly created account should have the bonus amount ready and waiting for you to play with. Bear in mind that, as stipulated above, the bonus will generally come with various terms and conditions, with the most important being the wagering requirements. Now, another important factor to note with that is that certain games will contribute different percentages to the wagering requirement, with slots usually contributing 100%, and table games such as blackjack only contributing around 2%.

How Do I Qualify for a No Deposit Bonus?

An Internet search of various no deposit bonus online casinos should yield plenty of results, while sometimes players could be sent bonus codes via email, as part of an online casino’s marketing strategy. When choosing to opt into a no deposit casino bonus, it is still very important to abide by the laws and regulations around gambling in any given region, with the most important qualifying factor being the legal gambling age. If you’re old enough, you should be good to go. Just be sure to play at a reputable online casino, and be sure to make sure you only play within your means and budget. An online casino worth its salt will have various responsible gambling tools available.

What Games Can I Play Using a New Deposit Bonus?

This will vary from site to site, but you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be plenty of room to choose between different real money game types. Pokies are the most popular, but table games and Video Poker are often included too.

Can I Withdraw My No Deposit Bonus?

The answer to this question will also depend on the specific online or mobile casino you are playing at. It is usually possible to withdraw the winnings you’ve accrued using your No Deposit Bonus, but you will have to meet the operator’s wagering requirements.

As generous as online casinos are, there are caveats imposed on all promotions which serve to protect the operator against unscrupulous players. Wagering requirements are usually given in the form of a number followed by an X indicating how many times you need to bet the bonus amount before you can withdraw any funds.