Online Blackjack Guide

Online blackjack brings you all the excitement and entertainment of a card game that requires more than just luck! This exciting casino game is also known as 21 and requires players to implement strategic thinking, wit and skill when playing against the house. Blackjack games are some of the most played across the world and the different varieties available online ensure there is a version that will suit everyone! Knowing the blackjack vocabulary and what the different terms mean will stand players in good stead when they embark on any of the great games available at online blackjack NZ.

Knowing when to hit or stand is a vital part of a successful blackjack game and familiarising yourself with the terminology is a great idea as it will increase your chances of winning your next hand!

Blackjack Basics

The main objective in Blackjack is to get a hand total of 21, hence its original name, or as close to that as possible without going any higher. Additionally, you’ll also need to beat the dealer, so your hand must always be stronger than theirs without going bust. You’ll place a bet on your hand winning, and will then be dealt 2 cards by the Dealer who will also get such a hand.

In offline games, more than 1 player can participate and this is becoming more common in multiplayer online games as well, particularly in live dealer situations. The same rules apply but to keep things simple for now we will focus on non-live Blackjack games, held between the dealer and a single player.

To total the hands, the royal cards are all given a value of 10 and the number cards are worth their face value. Aces are worth 1 or 11, depending on what would work better in the rest of the hand. Once you’ve seen your first 2 cards, you can decide what you want to do next.

This is where things really get interesting, because over the years several versions of this popular game have emerged and they all have subtle differences and challenges. When you’re playing blackjack online, of course, you have many more options available at your fingertips. The suggestion of Casino Online New Zealand is that you start with the basics and then expand to more exotic versions, as well as live dealer games.

If your hand is worth more than the dealer’s and both are below 21, or if the dealer’s hand busts, you win the round and get a 1:1 return. A total of 21 is Blackjack, and with a payout of 3:2 it is the most rewarding result of the game. You lose if both hands are less than 21 and the dealer’s is higher, and if yours exceeds 21. A tie will return your wager to you.

Online Blackjack Tips and Strategies

Online blackjack is a strategic game that requires players to familiarise themselves with the game play of each style on offer. No matter what variation of game you are enjoying there is guaranteed to be a strategy that can be applied to up the stakes. A huge amount of information pertaining to blackjack games can be found online and tips from the masters are also readily available at most top casinos. Studying and applying these strategies can greatly improve your winning chances on every game and turn blackjack into a lucrative and highly rewarding experience. Online blackjack NZ gives players the opportunity to play free games, offering them the perfect platform to master the art of this thrilling and entertaining card game.

Blackjack is often described as an easy game to learn, but one that takes time to master, and this is incredibly true. You may find you enjoy a streak of beginners luck when you play this card game at the best New Zealand casinos, but over time being able to implement strategy and utilise skill will improve your chances of beating the dealer to a hand of 21!

Get the Edge in Blackjack Games!

The different variations of blackjack games all boast differing house edges and depending on which game you choose, you can ensure the odds are always more in your favour. Lower house-edge online blackjack games include Vegas strip blackjack and Atlantic City blackjack, both popular online favourites. The higher house edge games include Spanish and Vegas downtown blackjack and the highest house edge at 0.69% belongs to Double exposure blackjack; the ultimate card game challenge. The different games also feature less or more cards in a hand and players who are familiar with the specifics of their chosen game will enjoy all the online blackjack NZ games to the max!

Regardless of which Blackjack game you choose, the aim will remain the same. Many players think that the objective of Blackjack is simply to build a hand that equals 21 or as close to it as possible without going bust, but that’s only half the point. In order to win you also need to beat the dealer’s hand, as only then will you be victorious.

Choose your Game

With our online casinos you’ll be able to enjoy variation upon variation of online blackjack titles including Microgaming’s Gold Series of games which offers more than 40 kinds of blackjack games. Each game will offer little changes here and there while retaining the same basic set of rules. So no matter what your gaming tastes might be, when it comes to online blackjack you can be assured of playing something that you’re sure to enjoy. Amongst the many versions of blackjack available online, the best are by far those found within the Gold Series range.

With such a vast selection of online Blackjack variants on offer it’s easy to find a game that suits your style and preferences. You can start with the simpler versions and work your way up to those that are more complex, employing skill and strategy along the way. Enjoy the best in online Blackjack NZ at any of the casinos we suggest and discover a card comparing game that offers premium entertainment and the chance to win big!

Online Blackjack FAQ’s

Online Blackjack is one of the most popular table games. It is one of those casino games that are simple to learn, but tough to master, and as it’s a game of skill and strategy it has lead to many theories, strategies, and some misinformation.

All this information usually means that players will have plenty of questions regarding online Blackjack and we will attempt to answer the most commonly queried factors here. Questions like how to play the game strategically, how to find fair games, and why online Blackjack offers a better experience than land based Blackjack are all answered.

  • Are Online Blackjack Games Fair?

Online Blackjack games do not have a dealer shuffling real cards. Instead you are playing a virtual game with a virtual card shuffle. Many people feel that this creates a bias, or produces results that aren’t necessarily fair.

Blackjack games in a digital casino use software called a Random Number Generator. This RNG makes use of algorithms to create tables of random numbers that are used in card games.

The Blackjack software will assign certain values to certain cards, and then the random number generator will start producing random results, which are then used to order the virtual cards. It is literally the mathematical representation of shuffling cards.

On this basis, Blackjack games are very fair. In fact, they can be proven fair and random, which is much more than what can be said for some land based Blackjack games!

  • What Are The Differences In Online Blackjack?

Most people playing Blackjack online will tell you that the first thing they notice is how fast and convenient online Blackjack is. You never have to wait for other players, the shuffles and bets happen almost instantly, and once you are finished playing your winnings go straight into your player account. No carrying around stacks of chips or tipping the dealer required!

Online Blackjack games also can feature many rule variations, which means that you have a lot more variety in your Blackjack games. The rule variations can include how many decks are used in the game, if side bets are allowed, if insurance is accepted, and what the rules are for doubling and splitting.

There are many Blackjack games that also offer you a much lower house edge. For instance, single deck Blackjack games will have a much lower house edge than multi deck Blackjack games and you can pick and choose which version suits you.

  • How Can I Improve My Odds?

Players can improve their odds in a number of ways when playing online Blackjack. For a start it is a very good idea to play with basic Blackjack strategy. Basic strategy sheets can easily be found online, and will help you narrow the house edge. It is very simple to incorporate strategy into your game, you just need to memorise it.

Secondly you must look for reputable and fair online casinos that can not only prove that they have their software audited, but offer a variety of high Return To Player percentage games. It also helps to play single deck online Blackjack games that offer you an insurance option, re-splitting or the option to surrender.

  • What Strategies Will Work For Online Blackjack?

Online Blackjack can be played with regular basic Blackjack strategy for great results. Other advantage play tactics simply won’t work. Online Blackjack is completely digital, and operates by very strict parameters to protect not just the casino, but the players as well.

Playing with a set betting strategy or budget and following basic Blackjack strategy is all a player needs to enjoy a rewarding game of Blackjack.

  • What Is Live Dealer Blackjack?

Live Dealer Blackjack is an alternative to playing virtual Blackjack online. As the name suggests, a live dealer game will have a professional Blackjack dealer hosting game at a table with real decks and real shuffles. Players interact with the game via a live video stream and instant chat boxes.

This game helps to create an immersive casino environment where players can have some fun interactions with other players, while maybe even learning a few tips at the same time.

  • What Is Vegas Rules Blackjack?

You may have seen online casinos advertise that they offer Vegas Rules Blackjack. This is a common variation of Blackjack played in; you guessed it, Las Vegas!

In this version of the game players can take out the Insurance option, which basically insures you don’t walk away empty-handed if the dealer has a Blackjack. It also means the dealer will always stand on a soft 17 and will always hit on a hard 16. Players will also be able to re-split their decks if they have already split once.

These are a few of the most common questions amongst both new and existing Blackjack players. Hopefully you have found some answers and clarity on any issues you may be experiencing. You can now go out and confidently find a great online Blackjack experience.