All About Online Progressive Pokies

When it comes to online Pokies New Zealand players are truly spoilt for choice! If you follow the recommendations for casinos that we make at Casino Online, you’ll find the best places to enjoy these games that have always been so popular in our country.

Pokies, also called Slots around the world, were introduced to New Zealand back in 1988 and the nation has never looked back. Today they account for the bulk of our gambling revenue, and playing them online and offline is almost a national pastime!

Different Types of Pokies Games

Classic or Reel Slots are so-named because they most closely resemble the original machines, in their design and function. They’re the simplest type and the best to learn on, and seasoned purists tend to have a soft spot for them too.

Video Slots are more complicated that Classic Slots are, with more special features and more themes. Although all online Slots are, of course, video in nature, these are named after the intricate Video Slots found in land-based casinos.

Progressive Jackpot Slots games might be Classic or Video Slots, and function as a normal game but with an added Progressive Jackpot component. This adds a huge element of excitement to what is already quite a thrilling activity.

How Progressive Jackpots Work

In a Progressive Jackpot game, the bet of every player on the network contributes something to the central prize pot. It continues to grow until it is awarded, which may be done at random or may be triggered by a specific event. In the case of the online progressive slots New Zealand players have access to, for example, if the symbols line up in a specific way along a specific payline the Progressive Jackpot might be activated.

If you’re lucky enough to trigger the Progressive Jackpot in a Pokies game such as Mega Moolah you might win immediately, or you might be taken to a side game to complete certain tasks first. This is more common if you’re playing a Video Slot game with a Progressive Jackpot, since they are a lot more involved anyway.

Pokies Best Played Online

Progressive Pokies games can be found in brick-and-mortar casinos, but the network contributing to the jackpot is inherently much smaller than what is available online. The best Progressive Slots in New Zealand award sums of money that are absolutely eye-watering, and it’s safe to say that the lives of lucky winners will never be the same again! This is just not possible with a land-based Progressive Jackpot, as regular players of desktop and mobile online Progressive Slots games will tell you.

If you are interested in playing online or mobile Progressive Jackpot Pokies games, the gambling destinations that we showcase for you at Casino Online are the perfect place to do it. Expand your spinning experience with the thrilling anticipation of winning more than would ever be possible on land or with a stand-alone game online, and add a few Progressive Jackpot Pokies to every playing session. Have fun!