Online Roulette Tournaments

Online Roulette tournaments are a great way for players who love this classic casino game to enjoy even more engaging and rewarding entertainment. These tournaments also foster a healthy sense of competition between players and appeal to those who want to work their way to the top.

Online Roulette tournaments work in a similar way to Poker tournaments. Players compete against each other and not the house. The aim is to make as much money as possible in a stipulated time frame, and to make your way to the top of the leader board. Prizes are often offered to the top 10 finishers.

Entry Into Roulette Tournaments

To gain entry in online Roulette tournaments, players can use a variety of methods. Firstly the most basic way to gain tournament entry is of course to simply buy into the tournament. Players will pay an initial entry fee, and then receive a set amount of chips that they can play with.

Players can also be invited to play in Roulette tournaments online thanks to their betting behaviour or their skills at certain games.

Finally, tournament entry can be granted as part of a VIP loyalty program where you can trade points to earn access to a tournament. Whichever way you choose, buy-ins will also be allowed at many tournaments.

Generally if a tournament offers players the chance to re-buy another entry after they are knocked out, the jackpot prize will be huge.

Roulette Tournament Format

There are of course rules when it comes to online Roulette tournaments. They can have a variety of formats and unique rules and these will govern each game. For instance, some tournaments will exclude even money bets like Even/Odd or Red/Black. Generally however, the betting rules remain standard but the tournament rules will apply time or spin limits.

  • Time Based Tournament – In this style of tournament, players will get a set time within which to make as much money as possible. In these tournaments, since online Roulette is much faster than land based Roulette, players can take their betting behaviour a bit easier. Even money bets can be used here to build up a nice bankroll safely over time.
  • Spin Based Tournament – In spin-based tournaments players will definitely feel the crunch. You cannot look at the long-term strategies to get you to the top. You only have a limited set of spins and generally the high risk and high reward inside bets are the way to go in these tournaments.

Roulette Tournament Strategy

When playing in a Roulette tournament online it is important to take a few factors into consideration when planning an effective strategy.

Firstly you need to be aware of what the other players are achieving in their rounds. This way you can have some idea of where you need to end up on the leader board.

Secondly, you need to take into account the tournament rules with regards to how many spins you get, or the time limits attached to games. As discussed, high risk, high reward games work better in limited spin scenarios as compared to a timed game where you can play a bit more conservatively to build up your winning bankroll.

Fun and entertaining, with a potentially large payout at the end, online Roulette tournaments are ideal for the avid fan.