Download Vs Instant Play

Most of the casino games that we recommend at Casino Online New Zealand can be played as downloaded and installed applications, or can be accessed instantly. Instant play is possible with HTML5 or Flash player technology, which each have advantages and disadvantages of their own.

The merits of HTML5 over Flash Player and vice versa are a separate debate, however, and while they are important, our focus for now is on how to decide between instant or download play. Each is better in different situations, and will suit player’s preferences accordingly.

Pros & Cons of Downloaded Casinos 

Downloaded casinos are generally of a higher quality in terms of functionality; graphics, sounds and animations than their instant play counterparts, and tend to run faster as well. All of this comes down to the fact that everything is drawn from the installed software, rather than having to be drawn from the internet.

The range of games that are available is also usually larger at downloaded casinos, which can have a big influence on the decision that players with diverse game tastes make. This does, however, mean that downloaded casinos take up a lot of memory space on your hard drive.

If you want to play casino games at more than one casino on a regular basis this can be a real problem, and if you’re sharing a device with other people it can also mean you’re taking up more space than is fair. It is possible to uninstall a casino, but you don’t want to have to complete a download every time you want to play.

Downloading and installing the casino that you choose from our line up at Casino Online New Zealand also means that it is only available on 1 device, and that your system is exposed to potential viruses. However slight, and despite the casinos best endeavours to ensure that you are kept safe, the risk is still there.

Instant Play Casinos Pros & Cons

When you access your casino games instantly you are, of course, not taking any space up on your hard drive or exposing your system to any viruses. You can also play across multiple devices, so game play can be more smoothly integrated into the rest of your daily life.

The quality of the games and the smoothness of the functionality will probably be less in an instant play casino than in the downloaded version that the operator offers, and you won’t have as much to choose from. Many instant casinos offer fewer banking facilities, and not all game features are available.

Picking Instant Play or Download Casinos

The different ways to access online casinos work best for different players, so you need to think carefully about what works best for you. Many of the players who visit Casino Online New Zealand check out our recommendations as instant play casinos first, and then download and install them when they’ve decided they are completely satisfied.

Your needs and situation may change over time, so the debate of download vs instant play is not something you’ll only consider once. Base your current decisions on what is best for you today.