Non-Recommended Casinos

We’re not big on pointing fingers. But for us, what is a cause for concern is a casino that doesn’t abide within the proper framework of procedures. It’s not hard to find out which operators have been relegated to the corner of the classroom and told to stay there with their hands in the air. All you need to do is do a Google search for ‘non-recommended casinos’ or ‘rogue casinos’ and you’ll see that there are various websites who will point out who the operators are to avoid like the plague and who the ones are that you should not revisit until they have gotten their house in order. It’s also worth noting that not every site is going to be completely honest. Make sure the info is coming from a reliable source and one with a genuine interest in the protection of the player. Finally, when reading up about online casino operators, make sure you know the difference between a ‘non-recommended casino and a ‘rogue casino’.

Non-Recommended vs Rogue

Non-recommended online casinos are those operators that have been found guilty of misconduct, or at least accused thereof. These operators have usually done the following:

  • Provided questionable customer service
  • Offered poor support
  • Issued delayed payments
  • Provided bonuses with bad terms
  • Have shown a propensity for questionable business practices

It needs to be noted that non-recommended casinos usually maintain this status until such time that they have proven otherwise.

A rogue casino is a different story. Whereby non-recommended casinos still have a shot at redemption, rogue casinos are not seen in that light. A rogue casino is one that:

  • Is guilty of gross negligence
  • Has displayed behaviour or operations that border on criminal
  • Has disappeared and not paid players

Our List of Non-Recommended Casinos

We’ve compiled a list of non-recommended operators that New Zealand online casino players should avoid, or up until these operators have deemed themselves worthy of your patronage.

  • Absolute Poker
  • Allze Casino
  • Brandy Casino
  • Casino Extreme
  • Dendera Casino
  • Diceland Casino
  • Lock Casino
  • Mona Casino
  • Orange Gamez
  • Rome Casino
  • Silver bets Casino
  • Sky Kings Casino
  • Vernon’s Casino

These casinos may redeem themselves in time, but at present they are the ones to avoid as they offer a les than premium playing experience. It’s often easy to see which New Zealand online casinos should be avoided as they are the ones that have the most complaints and unhappy players. As a rule, if an online casino has loads of negative reviews and comments, especially about the same thing, chances are they have failed to deliver and should be steered clear of.

Fortunately, there are so many recommended casinos that offer an incredible gaming experience, and these are the ones you want to sign up with. We make sure that this is easy and that the Kiwi casinos we suggest are incensed, legal and meet the highest standards of operation. There’s absolutely no need to take a risk playing at a less than top-notch online casino when there are so many others that are worthwhile!