VIP Programmes: What You Need to Know

The options online gambling NZ enthusiasts have available are quite spectacular, whether they want to indulge in sportsbetting, online pokies or other casino games. Loyalty Programmes are run at almost every online casino, to reward each bet placed and keep players going even when they don’t land a big win. And while these programmes are great and can be very lucrative; for high-rolling players there’s a whole other level - The VIP Programme.

What are VIP Programmes?

When you’re playing at a casino online, the Loyalty Programme generally has tiers that are based on how often you play and how much money you spend. The higher up the ladder you go, the better the perks are. The VIP Programme can simply be the next level of the Loyalty Club, with even better special treatment. In cases like this, you’ll either be discreetly bumped up or contacted by a casino host to personally invite you.

The other VIP situation that you’ll find online is a dedicated VIP casino, designed especially for players who want to roll high. The minimum betting requirements at such an establishment are much greater than at most online casinos, but the basic player treatment is as lavish as what is seen at VIP levels at other sites. In both cases, you’ll need to keep playing and spending to stipulated levels in order to keep breathing that rarefied VIP air.

What are the Benefits to Being a VIP Player?

Being a VIP at a casino online requires a bigger bankroll, but most people would argue that it is more than worthwhile. You get preferential treatment at every turn, including:

  • A personal account manager to make administrating your online casino account much simpler. If you want to change your banking method or do anything else, all you have to do is ask them. They’ll also be able to help you with any queries directly, so you’ll never have to contact the regular customer service department.
  • Faster and cheaper withdrawals, to keep your money flowing freely so that you can keep spending it. Casinos online understand that big spenders need quick access to their money, and that they don’t want to incur huge charges for the transfers that are often necessary.
  • Better bonuses, prizes and playing points are also all coming your way as a VIP player. You’ll usually have a lower player points conversion to cash or credits; where regular players have to earn 5000 points before they can exchange them, for example, VIPs will have to get around 2000. You’ll also be automatically entered into draws and get more chances in them, and will get bonuses for events like your birthday which non-VIPs don’t receive. Big-ticket items like luxury getaways, jewellery and electronic gadgets, also not seen by non-VIPs, are likely to come your way too.
  • Sneak previews of the latest pokies and other online casino games, before they’re made available to other players, are also common.

Who Should Become a VIP Player?

If you can afford to play as a high roller and you have good bankroll management, you should do it! The perks are seriously impressive, and are a must for all players who are able to enjoy them while staying in the black.