888 Online Casino NZ Beats The Odds

888 Online Casino NZ Beats The OddsOnline casino NZ 888, considered by many to be the best online casino NZ has to offer, has released its earnings report for the first half of 2021. The numbers show that, lining up with expectations, the company could land up exceeding the already ambitious revenue targets for the year. A spokesperson for the group confirmed that, as of this point, the organisation as a whole is still in an excellent strategic position.

According to the numbers 888 has made excellent progress across all regulated markets it participates in, including as an active online casino NZ facing site. Performance was good in both the iGaming and sports betting sectors, with particularly good growth seen as far as sports betting is concerned. In terms of geographical locations it was the United Kingdom that stood apart as a leader, demonstrating that the various acquisitions and overall customer engagement has been outstanding.

The Numbers

Looking closer at specific numbers, 888’s overall revenue, taking into account the months ending on June 30th, increased by a significant 39.4%. This comes to a total of $528.4 million, in comparison to the same period of the previous year which came in at $361.3 million.

Breaking it down into individual sectors, iGaming, including that which occurs at the online casino NZ site, ballooned by as much as 35.2%. This puts the grand total at a very impressive $428.8 million, which is a significant jump over the previous year’s $317.2 million. Going deeper into sports betting, the totals may not be as high, but the growth is more than encouraging. Growth was a massive 82.3%, coming in at $80.3 million, far surpassing the previous year’s total of $44.1 million.

By Region

Looking at the picture on a geographical scale, including the online casino NZ market, the magnitude of the report is far more impressive, expressing the high rate of growth in virtually all markets. The United kingdom soured by 57%, jumping from $142.2 million to $222.6 million.

Italy and the US were also a big earners, climbing by 82% and 9% respectively.

CEO of 888, Itai Pazner shared a few thoughts on the incredibly successful start to the year. He pointed out that the strong momentum found at the end of 2020 had carried over into 2021, driven by continued good performance in all regulated markets. He also credited his company’s excellent leadership and powerful data driven marketing strategies.

No doubt 888 will continue to be a best online casino NZ players can access for pokies and other casino games.

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