Aspire Enjoys Global ad Online Casino NZ Growth

Aspire Enjoys Global ad Online Casino NZ GrowthiGaming company Aspire Global, seen by many as the best online casino NZ company, has released their latest quarterly report. Unsurprisingly the report revealed that the corporation managed to achieve more growth, making it the sixth time in a row that this has been achieved. At this rate the online casino NZ world will soon be seeing Aspire Global as amongst the most dominant entities in the industry.

As would be expected, a spokesman for the company reaffirmed that previously set financial targets, due by the end of 2021, were holding firm, and would almost certainly be met. It was added that, due to strong business momentum and significant progress in Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the USA, that the targets may even be surpassed.

A Closer Look

Taking a closer look, it can be seen that overall revenue for the second quarter increased by a massive 27.7%, coming in at a grand total of €55.8 million. Aspire Core grew 7.7%, BtoBet increased by a more significant 105%.

The spokesperson elaborated that the growth demonstrated excellent momentum in both the existing global and online casino NZ and sports markets. Though, it was added, the growth was also in large part to the geographical expansion that had been achieved, with the United States and European expansions offering the most potential.

As far as the United Kingdom and Ireland are concerned, the areas combined grew by a staggering 123.6%, totalling a whopping €19.9 million. This is in comparison to the same quarter of the previous year, which came in at €8.9 million. The rest of the world combined, meanwhile, grew by a combined 135.7%, totalling €6.6 million.

Forefront Of The Industry

CEO of Aspire Global, Tsachi Maimon, made a statement in regards to the quarterly report. He specifically mentioned that the numerous new contracts and partners that had been won, many of which had happened over the course of the last few months, all demonstrated a single fact; the company was at the forefront of the online casino NZ industry.

He went on to declare that the company had repeatedly demonstrated that it could not only achieved growth, but also create value in lucrative global pokies markets. He concluded that more partnerships would be won, and new markets penetrated, ultimately achieving the goal of being the best in the industry, in the world.

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