The Benefits Of Using EcoPayz NZ At Online Casinos

ecoPayz LogoWhen it comes to iGaming the choice of banking method can make a huge difference. New Zealanders are provided many options, allowing for tremendous freedom of choice. But which instant bank transfer casino NZ banking method is best? Many swear by EcoPayz NZ, known for not only providing lighting fast transaction, but also renowned for drastically reducing the cost of online banking.

First and foremost, EcoPayz NZ is specifically designed, from the ground up, to suit an online gambler’s needs. There are few other online transaction companies, if any, that can make the same claim. This means that every aspect of the organisation is iGaming friendly, providing the best possible service in every regard.

But what exactly does all this mean, and what are the real benefits? Let’s take a closer look.

Commission And Limiters

What should the cost of making an instant bank transfer casino NZ transaction be? The answer may vary depending on which company is asked, but as far as EcoPayz NZ is concerned the answer is nothing. There are no costs involved, regardless of whether a player is depositing or withdrawing. In fact, the only costs incurred when a deposit is made are covered by the merchant. That is the key of the system; maximum value is granted in terms of money being paid over to a merchant, putting the focus squarely on getting the most out of iGaming transactions.

Another excellent feature is the built-in limiter. This refers to withdrawals and other digital transfers being strictly limited; another factor that is perfect for those that intend on using the account for an online casino. Since only a very limited amount can be dealt with at any given time, the player always knows exactly what they’re dealing with, making the whole process significantly easier and more streamlined.

Speed And Reliability

There is no beating around the bush; by far the biggest benefit of EcoPayz NZ is the blistering speed. Regardless of whether it is a withdrawal or a deposit, the average expected clearance time is a few seconds. When compared to the numerous business days required by some other companies, it simply doesn’t get much better than this instant bank transfer casino NZ method.

Lastly, EcoPayz NZ is not only supremely reliable, but it also acts as an additional layer of security. No details are required in order to transact with the account, which is a benefit that really speaks for itself. What more can be said other than that it isn’t surprising that many New Zealander iGaming enthusiast prefer this option.

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