Upcoming 2018 Film Releases

2018 has been an interesting year in the cinema to say the least, with some amazing releases that have set the world on fire. Likewise, there have been a few less than stellar films that have sent us reaching for our phones to enjoy a bit of casino online action, lest we forget what real entertainment is all about!

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some great movies yet to be released. It turns out that despite the fact that 2018 is nearly over, there are still plenty of potentially-great movies yet to be seen, and many of them may just be the blockbuster sensations of the entire year. Let’s take a look at what’s incoming, and might just cinch the crown for film of the year!


Mowgli - The movieAlright, if you’re saying that the Jungle Book adaptations are getting a little thick on the ground by now, we hear you. There have been more than a few up until this point, many of which haven’t exactly been brilliant. Plus most don’t even come close to capturing what the book was all about. But with the mostly well-received Disney live action remake; cinemagoers are a bit more open to the idea that the Jungle Book might just have some life in it yet.

Mowgli has the draw card of having a few famous voices, including Christian Bale and Benedict Cumberbatch so we think it holds plenty of promise.


If you think Jungle Book adaptations are getting out of hand, then the Halloween franchise is all but hitting Halloween horror is backthe next level of absurdity at this point. With a total of 11 films in the franchise, did we really need another one? Of course we did. The difference with this latest film is that it ignores every film after the 1978 original, and acts as a direct sequel. Astonishingly, scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis is back, much to the astonishment of everyone.

Spoiler; there is probably going to be more than a few stabbings with a kitchen knife, and a bit of screaming going on.

Creed 2

Rocky is a film franchise that is all but legendary, although, once again, perhaps having more sequels than it really needed. The franchise had a surprisingly well-received spin off in the way of Creed, that followed the son of iconic Rocky character Apollo Creed. Sylvester Stallone played a big part in the film, and will return in Creed 2, in which Adonis Creed faces the son of Ivan Drago, who killed his father in Rocky 4.


Aquaman set to thrillLastly, we have Aquaman, a movie that has made hefty promises to date. The DC Universe has been having a tough time in the cinema. Will it redeem a shaky reputation with Aquaman? That would be ironic, given that Aquaman is the most commonly mocked superhero, given his extremely limited powers.

But with buff fan favourite Jason Mamoa in the lead role, chances are that at least some degree of success will be seen. Fingers crossed that this is the film that brings DC superhero films onto the same level of quality as those seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.