Yukon Gold Casino Bonuses Always Impress

Yukon Gold Casino Bonuses Always Impress

Yukon Gold Casino is well known to New Zealand iGaming enthusiasts. It offers an excellent range of games, superior mobile compatibility, and an elegant interface design. However, there are 2 things that make the site truly stand apart.

The first is the unusual artwork that decorates the homepage, seemingly ripped straight from a lesser-known superhero comic. The second thing is the promotional deals offered at the site, which truly defy everything seen at competitors.

We’re here to look at the promotional deals, and get a better idea of how exactly they work. Though, it need not be said that regardless of the interesting promotions, Yukon Gold Casino certainly deserves a look, offering excellent service in every regard.

125 Chances

Many online casinos bank on offering huge amounts of Bonus Cash and Free Spins to new players. This certainly isn’t a bad thing, since many New Zealand players love a bit of Bonus Cash. Yukon Gold Casino, however, offers something unique in exchange for a first deposit. Namely; 125 Chances.

But what exactly are Chances? It turns out that Chances are the freedom to spin on any Progressive Jackpot pokie at the casino. Normally when granting Free Spins a casino will limit those spins to just a single game. Here, however, the Chances are valid for any game the player chooses. It’s a simple, yet refreshing promotional deal, truly putting the power in the player’s hands.

The second deposit is rewarded with a more straightforward bonus; a 100% match up to $150.

Automatic Loyalty Enrolment

Besides the 125 Chances and Bonus Cash, Yukon Gold Casino also automatically enrols each new member into the Casino Rewards Loyalty Program. This is similar to other loyalty programs, involving the most active players climbing through 6 levels of rewards, but comes with one interesting perk.

There are a number of gambling sites that all utilise the same Casino Rewards Loyalty Program, and all share the same system. This means that no matter where an enrolled member decides to play, their earned benefits go with them. It’s a fantastic idea, and certainly a great way to ensure that regular players not only feel valued, but keep feeling valued no matter where they go. At least, assuming they go to a casino that is part of the same network.

Yukon Gold Casino truly does stand apart, and certainly deserves a closer look from New Zealanders that haven’t already checked it out.

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