Royal Bump Bets Are Off At Paddy Power

Prince Harry and MeghanSince the announcement that they are expecting, bookmakers have been taking bets on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby. The bets include everything from the baby’s name, to its sex, to whether it will be one baby or two.

With a steady flow of betting coming from the public, Paddy Power was caught unprepared for a flurry of wagers that came in on the morning of the 23rd.

After the morning’s sudden influx of betting on the baby, or as the case may have it, babies, Paddy Power pulled the market from the menu. The sportsbook experienced a sudden influx of bets that the pregnancy will result in twins, and it suspects that someone had leaked some royal information.

Abnormal Numbers

In a statement released on its website, a company spokesperson said that it (Paddy Power) has stopped taking wagers on the Duchess of Sussex having twins, due to a flurry of wagers placed on Friday morning. The number of bets placed was abnormal, forcing the company to refuse further bets. They added that they believed that either a bettor or inside source had information that they did not.

Paddy Power was offering 5:1 odds on the bet at the time it pulled it from its offerings. Coral, one of the company’s biggest competitors has continued to accept bets on whether it will be twins. The company has however halved the odds from the initial 8:1, to 4:1.

£600m in Wagers

The number of children the couple will be producing is not the only hot bet, nor are they the only hot couple. Bookmakers have been taking bets on the child or children’s name, and earlier this year bookies offered odds on the name of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby too.

It is expected that by the time the baby – or babies - arrives, sportsbooks would have taken at least £600m in wagers on the royal baby.

All Eyes On Meghan

The young newlyweds are likely less than pleased with the betting action taking place as they work hard to keep the public out of their private life.

They have decided not to raise the new addition at Kensington Palace, stating that it is a Goldfish Bowl. Instead, they will reside at Frogmore Cottage, which will be undergoing some renovation to accommodate the growing family.

The records and plans, however, will not be made public, which the couple has attributed to safety concerns, so there will be no bets as to what colour the new-borns nursery will be!