Digitain Upgrades RNG System With Quantis

Digitain LogoLeading iGaming provider Digitain offers online casino operators a robust, highly flexible digital platform. The platform can be utilised in order to distribute online gambling products quickly and efficiently, not only allowing players around the world to conveniently access games and sports betting products, but also providing additional benefits to operators.

As it stands, Digitain’s acclaimed software system is amongst the best in the world, with centralised control systems, rapid deployment features, and impressive user friendly features. Over 3,000 titles are accessible, with industry legends such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Novomatic and Playson making use of the online network.

Ensuring Fair Play

Despite already being well regarded, and their platform technology regularly praised, Digitain seem to be making efforts to stay on the cutting edge. The company announced that they would be adding ground breaking technology to their platform core, namely in how Random Number Generator (RNG) functionality is processed. All online casino games need RNG in order to be fair, but how the RNG creates numbers is often a cause for criticism due to security and reliability concerns.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, the company has integrated the Quantis engine into their platform. Quantis, created by ID Quantique, approaches RNG from a unique angle. Instead of using only software to generate numbers at random, it instead uses a physical system that exploits real quantum molecular activity. The transmission of light particles is tapped into, providing a revolutionary solution to a problem that has existed since online casinos were first conceived.

The Quantis solution means that the system is not only significantly more difficult to hack, but also undeniably truly random.

Surfing The Cutting Edge

Product manager at Digitain, Arsen Tadevosyantook, used the global reveal of the software upgrade to make a statement. He explained that the addition of the Quantis system was an effort to offer clients the best possible platform, and provide them with a truly next generation solution.

He elaborate that he felt the Quantis integration was testimony to Digitain constantly evolving, setting the company apart as leaders in the industry. Leaders that, he emphasises, forged new, innovative paths, rather than treading the same old roads.

But Tadevosyantook also made clear it wasn’t just about new technology. He expressed that Digitain was also committed to providing smooth user experiences, and providing the means to quickly and easily enter into constantly expanding global markets.

There is no doubt that the Quantis RNG upgrade is impressive, but whether or not it helps in luring new customers over to the platform remains to be seen.