Former William Hill Director To Head Up Gambling Division

William Hill Former DirectorMany popular Kiwi casinos are licensed in Gibraltar, or indeed run their operations from there. Now, the government of Gibraltar has officially appointed a new head of its Gambling Division – and the new appointment is certainly expected to work in its favour. Gibraltar has chosen Andrew Lyman, the former director of regulatory affairs at betting giant William Hill, as its newest addition, bringing years of gambling-related expertise to its operations.

It has since been confirmed that Lyman will begin in his new role in January next year, replacing the former head of the division for over 10 years, Phil Brear. Brear will not be leaving the firm, however, as he will be entering into a new advisory role with both the Gibraltarian government and its Gambling Division.

Lyman has directed William Hill’s regulatory affairs and acted as the firm’s head of public affairs for eight years now, and previously filled the role of CEO of the Association of British Bookmakers as well. Furthermore, Lyman also served as a director of monitoring and enforcement for the UK Gambling Commission, tax investigation manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and an investigator for the Financial Services Authority in Britain.

Lyman’s Experience Makes Him An ‘Outstanding Candidate’

In a recent statement revealing the new appointment, Minister of Gambling in Gibraltar Albert Isola commented that Lyman is very well-known in the gambling industry, both in the UK and many other territories around the world. He is known as an authority on regulation, policy, public affairs and gambling development in all aspects of both land-based and online gambling activities.

Isola noted that Lyman’s experience with the FSA, HMRC, the UKGC, William Hill and more has made him an ‘outstanding candidate’ in Gibraltar’s selection process. Lastly, the minister noted that the Gibraltarian government is very pleased to have the executive joining it in 2018.

In the new role, Lyman will have the task of preparing groundwork for numerous new policy and regulatory introductions which are set to take place next year. These regulations have followed a review of the Gibraltar Gaming Act which took place in 2016.

Former Gaming Division Head To Stay On As Well

Isola added that the Gibraltarian government has recognised that its gambling division needs further support, and that it is fortunate to have Lyman joining its forces.

He also added that he is pleased that Phil Brear will be staying on in his new position to support Lyman and the government in their gambling-related operations.

According to the minister, Gibraltar is committed to supporting the gaming community by providing the very best online and land-based gambling services, all of which are safe and secure at all times. Lyman’s appointment has reflected this commitment, according to Isola, as well as Gibraltar’s dedication to remaining the best in its class.