GambleAware Satisfied By Support

GambleAware Satisfied With Increased Financial SupportGambleAware is a UK-based charity organisation tasked with raising the necessary funds to educate about the pitfalls of dangerous gambling practises that often lead to a full-on addition to gambling. The organisation also endeavours to raise money for treatment services for those in need of support in this area. In doing so, the organisation seeks to improve the overall state of mental health among Britain’s players.

Being a charitable organisation, GambleAware relies mostly on donations to fund their activities. The organisation recently reported that it was well satisfied with the level of donations that it had received during the twelve-month period 2017/2018. Donations received totalled to £9.4m (roughly $13.5m).

Despite the fact that the charity had hoped to raise a minimum of £10m, it reported that it was pleased at having experienced an increase from the previous year’s donations tally, and no less than an impressive 16%.

Marked Improvement

During October of 2017, the future did not look bright by any measure. GambleAware at the time issued a statement outlining the dire financial situation, making their concerns public. CEO Marc Etches, notably elated by the improvement, said that it was only just that the immense improvement in the overall situation should now be a matter of public opinion, too.

At the time that the 2017 letter went public, the situation was concerning to the point of the UK Gambling Commission being informed of the prevailing circumstances. This followed having already fallen short by 20% of their general budget during 2017. A 60% shortfall forecast was on the table for 2018, representing a desperate situation indeed.

Paying It Forward

All things considered, and especially the fact that all donations that were received were voluntary donations, the £9.4m in funds that were received represent a complete turn-around as far as the financial situation is concerned.

GambleAware, in partnership with the UK Gambling Commission, are now once again in a position to aid and support the estimated 430,000 persons battling problem gambling in the UK.

GambleAware has also announced a new donation system that will outline donations received from companies on their website, along with the details of the percentile of the proportion that the donations represent alongside the gross gambling yield (GGY). Companies have been requested to provide these figures to the organisation, for publication.

Etches emphasised the fact that operators contributing a minimum of 0.1% of their GGY ensured that the company had sufficient funds to go about its charitable business.