GiG To Partner With SkyCity In New Zealand

GIGNew Zealand is currently preparing to launch its own fully-regulated online gambling industry, and the SkyCity Entertainment Group plans to head on over with the best possible support in the industry in order to not only impress the country’s regulatory authorities, but also to provide the best possible offering to its new customer base. The group has confirmed that its tech-service provider of choice is none other than the celebrated and accomplished Gaming Innovation Group (GiG).

SkyCity, in addition to its games offering, will be incorporating award-winning mechanics and promotional tools. This is where GiG’s expertise comes into play. The service provider is renowned for its superb management style and it offers tip-top services such as CRM, front-end development, compliance and marketing services, and many more. GiG will be managing the new New Zealand-focused SkyCity games platform from its home base in Malta.

NZ To Regulate Online Games Soon

New Zealand is expected to officially launch its regulated online casino market somewhere around the third quarter of this year. The industry will be overseen and regulated by the country’s Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). New Zealand’s DIA regulates all gambling and betting activities in the country.

GiG CEO Robin Reed said that New Zealand’s regulation of its online casino market marks the start of a new era, especially from a global perspective. It’s a move that has been long called for and anxiously awaited. The local gambling industry booms, and online gambling will only serve to strengthen the local economy even further. Regulation is the key to the industry’s success, and New Zealand has obviously realised this to be true, albeit many years’ worth of frustrating delays.

Reed also commented specifically on the partnership with SkyCity and said that he feels confident about the long-term success of the joint venture; if not for anything else, then for the fact that the two entities share common high standards and ambitions for gambling communities in general, irrespective of location. Responsible gambling, said Reed, would forever remain a top priority in the bigger picture.

New Market, New Opportunities

The highlight of the partnership is obviously the fact that the partners will soon be entering a fresh new market. Reed said that he considers this to be a unique and rare opportunity for the collaboration to establish itself as a best-in-the-business iGaming service provider.