Mobile Casino Apps Available on Google Play

Mobile Casino Apps Available on Google PlayEspecially in light of recent world events, gambling can truly be said to have moved online and Google is boosting the market this year. The Play Store will finally be able to offer Android users access to a range of mobile casino apps. This year saw increasing the number of countries allowing real money gaming apps rising to 19, with the change including New Zealand. Previously, access was only granted in four countries, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Brazil.

The Mandatory Screening Process

There is a proviso, however. Developers will be able to release gambling-related apps on the Play Store only when they’ve passed through an application process which includes screening. This will ensure that mobile casino operators are properly licensed, regulated, and in compliance with the NZ gambling authorities. Consumers' best interests play an important role too.

Great News for Mobile Gambling

This news has been heartily welcomed by members of the mobile gambling industry, particularly people working on mobile casino apps aimed at Android users. They have lagged far behind their counterparts at Apple, with real money gaming and lottery apps available at the App Store for some time now.

The addition of so many more countries to the Play Store list and the fact that many more apps have already started becoming available will see the rise in mobile gambling continuing. A boost is also likely in the social media market, since developers’ and operators’ increased visibility will see their follower numbers increasing exponentially as well.

App creators will have to rethink their digital marketing strategies to keep up with their competitors. This is a hard lesson learned over the turmoil of the past year, with many companies going under because they failed to do this. New investments from additional stakeholders and even sponsorship from digital marketing approaches are vital nowadays.

A Long Tradition’s Fate Assured

Even though it’s been prohibited in the past, New Zealanders have always loved gambling. It actually only became lawful to gamble at the turn of the 20th century, with the 1908 Gambling Act finally permitting betting on different sports, including Horse Racing.

These strict laws were not amended until 1961 and lotteries, slots, and casinos only becoming legal in the late 1990s. The Gambling Act in effect now was adopted in 2003 and serves a variety of purposes. It controls the growth of online and mobile casinos and aims to minimise any possible harm that may arise from it.

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