Spooky Fun In New Halloween Cash Pots Pokie

Spooky Fun In New Halloween Cash Pots PokieWatch out, skeletons and spiders are out and about, ready to draw a few shrieks from unsuspecting pokies players. Though, they are far more likely to be shrieks of joy, given that in Halloween Cash Pots the ghoulish creatures are the ticket to a few decent payouts.

iGaming developers Inspired Gaming are behind the fun, Halloween themed pokie, and have done a great job in capturing what the scariest holiday of the year is all about. Namely; smiling at silly monsters, and generally having a good time.

Though, just because it is all in good fun, it doesn’t mean that this isn’t still an excellent pokies game.


As would be expected, all the classic tropes can be found in Halloween Cash Pots. A glowing eyed spider haunts the 5 reels and 3 rows, along with a few ghostly friends, and goofy pumpkins. Even if it is all a bit silly, Inspired Gaming have clearly done their utmost to pour some effort into the graphics. Even the background demonstrates a certain level of outstanding ambience, complete with gnarled trees, and a gloomy, moonlit sky.

All in all, there is more than enough charm in Halloween Cash Pots to make the experience worthwhile in terms of visuals.

In the gameplay department Inspired Gaming have also demonstrated their skill, utilising the 10 fixed paylines and 96.5% RTP to their maximum potential.

Spooky Fun

As far as special features are concerned, the pokie also does a good job of offering something new and interesting. The Cash Collector Bonus is triggered by landing at least 6 Bonus symbols, which instantly grants 5 Free Spins in a spooky mini-game. During a Cash Collector sequence the goal is, simply, to land as many Cash Pots as possible.  If the Pumpkin Bonus also makes an appearance, on the last reel, the Cash Pots will transform into higher paying versions of themselves. This means, naturally, more money in the player’s pocket.

Halloween Cash Pots is a great effort by the developers, and a fine title to try out over the appropriate season. It isn’t anything mind-blowing, and doesn’t innovate in any real way, but does well in terms of capturing the spirit of the holiday.

It is more than worth a look for pokies enthusiasts, including those who aren’t especially interested in the season specific theme. It probably need not be mentioned, though, but for those that do enjoy cartoonish spooks, this is a must play title.