Top Tips For Keno NZ High Rollers

keno imageKeno is a popular game with New Zealand high rollers, known for providing exceptionally big cash prizes. At least, it is a game that provides big cash prizes assuming that the player is particularly lucky. Based around the same rules as national lotteries, the Keno NZ players enjoy allows a set of numbers to be picked, with payouts made should the chosen numbers come up in a draw.

The biggest difference between Keno and lotteries is that the casino game provides payouts for each number that is matched, and not only in the case of all numbers matching. The idea is that the more chosen numbers that come up, the bigger the payout, with a full set equalling a potentially massive jackpot.

As would be expected, the game is entirely based around luck. There are, however, a few tips that can help Keno NZ high rollers get the most out of every round.

Careful Picking

First, it is smart to look around and find the version of the game with the best possible cash prizes. It seems logical that all versions would have the same payout structure, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Hence, looking around at a few online casinos and comparing details is a good idea.

Next, it is in the best interest of a high roller to choose either the 4 or 8 number version of the game. Beginners tend to think that choosing more numbers is better, since it gives more chances at winning. But this is misunderstanding how the system works. The more numbers chosen, the lower the payouts will be for each match. Keno NZ high rollers looking to strike it big need to throw themselves at the mercy of luck, choose less numbers, and shoot for a jackpot. When a match is actually hit, the cash will flow like milk.

Don’t Believe The Fallacies

When it comes to choosing numbers, things get very complicated very quickly. There are countless betting guides online, all claiming that some secret formula has been unlocked, allowing players to win at Keno more frequently.

But, the fact of the matter is that these guides are all complete and utter nonsense. There is no secret method to choosing the right numbers, and there is no special guide that will produce reliable wins. It is all a matter of luck, and all that a Keno NZ high roller can really do is cross their fingers and hope for the best.