Super Rugby – Highlanders Versus Crusaders


The Highlanders are going head to head with the Crusaders again, and Super Rugby fans are already making their predications. Those that are particularly confident have even headed to Betway Sports to put down a few bets, but its best to get a bit of useful information before wagering one way or another. Don’t forget, online and mobile sports betting is always best approached with a clear idea of how a match might turn out. A little bit of homework can go a long way towards helping to pick a winner.

Let’s take a closer look at some Super Rugby history and current news to get a better idea of how the big match may conclude.

Past Performances

Those that are familiar with online sports betting New Zealand activities know that past performances are always key. It has been some time since the teams previously went head to head, given the world health crisis. But there is still some interesting data to process. Some of the most recent outcomes are as follows;

On the 21st February 2020 the Crusaders walked away with the win, the final score stood at 33-13. Prior to that in June 2019 the Crusaders again walked away carrying a confident victory, with the final score standing at a telling 38 -14. Going back even further to April 2019 the Crusaders trounced the Highlanders with a score of 43-17.

This might already be enough to send some bettors confidently to Betway, but there is still more to consider.

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Team Standings And Form

As far as the Highlanders are concerned, their current Super Rugby position is 12th. After 5 plays they have a total of 5 loses, with the point difference at -51. The team currently consists of 22 forwards and 16 backs. Evans is a true veteran of the sport, having been an All Black in 2018. He played 44 games between 2014 and 2017. He is joined by Aaron Smith, the most capped player. Smith is playing alongside Mitch Hunt and Marty Banks. A new face in the back is that of Mosese Dawai, a 23 year old that already boasts 5 tries. Dawai is known for speed and determination, and is sure to bring new pace and strength.

The Crusaders are looking a great deal better at the moment. After 5 plays in the current Super Rugby series, they have 4 wins and a single loss, with the point difference at +58. Some of the players to look out for include Braydon Ennor, Will Jordan, Tom Christie, and Ethan Roots. Ennor will be tearing up the midfield where he seems most at home, Jordan is back in full force after having struggled with an injury. Christie, meanwhile, a former captain of the New Zealand under 20s, is noted as being an exceptional leader.

Super Rugby is known for upsets, but those into mobile sports betting will likely have all the info they need now.