History Of The Popular Betway Casino NZ Brand

History Of The Popular Betway Casino NZ BrandToday, popular casino online NZ and sports betting brand Betway is one of the largest and most prominent gambling brands on the planet.

But while the famous brand has achieved great success since their humble beginnings back in 2006, the road to the top wasn’t always easy. Owned by the Super Group, which is a multi-brand casino service provider, and headquartered in Malta, the brand experienced rocky times in those early days.

Still, Betway NZ more than managed to overcome their wobbly start and poor initial management, and today, is an industry giant in its field.

Leading By Giving

One of the ways in which Betway NZ managed to make it all the way to the heights of popularity was because of the brand’s absolute commitment to sponsorships.

Today, Betway is the lead sponsor of West Ham United FC, UK Championship Snooker, and Premier League Darts. The casino online NZ and betting giant also co-sponsors several more teams and events, and their logos can be seen displayed inside some of the world’s largest sports arenas.

Brand Ambassadors For The Win

Another contributing factor for how Betway has managed to establish itself as the best online casino NZ and sports betting site has been via the signing of regular and contemporary brand ambassadors.

To this end, the brand has placed great emphasis on signing on with brand ambassadors from all over the globe and across a variety and range of sports. This has ensured rapid international growth.

Brand ambassadors more recently signed include cricketer Simon Hughes, famous rugby player Mike Tindall, and champion jockey Rickard Johnson.

They’re All About The Numbers

While back in those early days this certainly would not have been the case, the casino online NZ brand today offers to its global sports betting audience more than 12,000 different markets to wager on.

What’s more, the company has managed to keep their betting options simple and easy to manage with a user-friendly platform and easy-to-navigate interface.

This “simplification” has helped the brand a great deal in shaking off some prior negative publicity.

Change An Ongoing Thing

The Betway NZ brand values the unexpected positives to be had from a constant re-invention.

While the brand for many years focused mainly on European sports, it some time ago started to branch out so as to include global favourites like the MLB, NFL, and NBA. This has attracted millions of new betters based in the US.

Also, Betway in 2015 became the first major bookie to announce an eSports portal, so it’s easy to see why is one of the best online casino NZ options for players and punters.