How Skrill NZ Stacks Up Against Other eWallets

How Skrill NZ Stacks Up Against Other eWalletsSkrill, Neteller, and ecoPayz are currently the biggest and most prominently used three e-wallet products available on the market. Of these three, Skrill NZ is probably the preferred product for online casino players.

We’ll now take a look at each to see how Skrill stacks up against its main competitors.

About Skrill

Founded in 2011, Skrill provides a variety of functions for making online deposits, withdrawals, and wallet-to-wallet transfers. A truly global payments solution, it offers its services to users across many world countries.

Owned and administrated by the Paysafe group, Skrill NZ provides both business as well as private/personal online digital wallet solutions. Skrill enjoys a reputation for being safe, secure, and convenient.

The best way for going about transacting on this platform is by becoming a VIP user. Those players making regular use of the service will ultimately see the day-to-day costs of the service reduced for them.


ecoPayz, too, is a premium online e-wallet provider catering to the needs of casino players. Providing quick and easy payment options, ecoPayz can also be used to purchase goods online from a variety of suppliers.

While doubling up as an e-commerce payment provider, ecoPayz is a preferred tool for online gambling enthusiasts all over the world.

ecoPayz is a safe and secure way for money to change hands online. It compares well with Skrill NZ services and Neteller in terms of functionality and usability, which makes of ecoPayz a popular option for online casino players all over the world.


Neteller is a premium online e-wallet payments system. The provider prides itself on being a leading financial solutions supplier – with payments possible even to individuals and companies not in possession of a Neteller account.

A definite and huge perk about Neteller is that transfers and payments up to a certain amount of money are completely free of transactional costs.

Just like Skrill NZ and ecoPayz, Neteller is available to players across a large number of countries. The provider offers to players an international Money Transfer service that supports an impressive 22 currencies. And since automatic currency conversion is included, players need not worry about doing complicated calculations themselves.

Skrill NZ Vs. The Rest

It’s clear from the above that Skrill NZ stacks up well with similar services and payment providers.

Not only is Skrill reliable and affordable, but it also offers quick processing and payment turnaround times. This means players need not hang around waiting for their deposits and withdrawals to be released and processed between themselves and the online casino provider.