Jackpot City NZ Remains A Fantastic Choice

Jackpot City NZ Remains A Fantastic ChoiceMany New Zealand iGaming enthusiasts may not know that Jackpot City NZ has been around since 1998. That not only makes it an old online casino NZ has to offer, but actually one of the oldest in the world. That it still remains one of the best gambling sites to this day is truly phenomenal, demonstrating how an operation launched decades ago can evolve and still remain relevant.

The interesting question to be asked is how Jackpot City NZ changed, and what it did to transform into a modern version of itself. Let’s take a closer look and see how an industry veteran managed to turn into a contemporary leader of the iGaming world.

Design And Compatibility

A quick look at the site reveals a few interesting details. Firstly, the design and graphics aren’t what could be called mind blowing. There are competitor operations that certainly look better, decorating their homepage’s with mascots, vivid graphics and impressive animations. Jackpot City NZ, on the other hand, puts in effort where it matters. Namely in being accessible.

Having been originally launched in 1998, when mobile phones were not yet even capable of playing online casino NZ games, the site has evolved to be 100% mobile compatible. The simple design is user friendly above all else, ensuring that as many players as possible can get in on the action. Hence, it just goes to show that accessibility always trumps flashy graphics.

Games And Promotions

Yes, Jackpot City NZ has it all. The selection of games is vast, all inclusive, and constantly updated. From the latest pokies to the most cutting-edge live casino titles, it is all available and all accessible via a simplified menu system. If a New Zealand iGaming enthusiast is looking for it, chances are they will find it here. Not bad for an operation that started out offering just a handful of pokies and a few digital table games.

But then what is a great selection of games if there aren’t any decent promotions to back them up? Where Jackpot City NZ excels perhaps the most is in its promotional offers. New players are treated to one of the most generous Bonus packages in history, with numerous Bonus Cash rewards spread out over the first 4 deposits. It comes to a total of $1,600, which is more than enough to keep layers coming back again and again.

All in all, it isn’t surprising that the site has stayed at the top of the charts.