New Savanna Roar YG Masters Online Pokies

New Savanna Roar YG Masters Online PokiesYggdrasil is well known for its YG Masters online pokies program, whereby partnered studios may create and release online casino content, using the company’s resources. Up and coming studio Jelly is the latest to take advantage of YG Masters, ultimately giving birth to a truly interesting game; Savanna Roar. As would be expected, Savanna Roar is an online pokies that invites players to venture into the beautiful, but dangerous African wilderness. It can be experienced now at one of the best online casino NZ has to offer.

At first glance Savanna Roar is certainly a visually appealing reel spinner, with a strong focus on expansive landscapes and rustic nature. The real focus, however, is on the animals that players may run into. The reels are populated with extraordinarily detailed and realistic animals, including elephants, leopards, rhinos, and the king himself. Each animal animates beautifully when matched, demonstrating that Jelly certainly has a few talented artists.

Harnessing The Wins

In terms of technical specifications Savanna Roar works via standard online pokies systems, including 5 reels, 4 rows, and 1024 ways to win. Volatility is rated as medium-high, and the RTP is 95.50%. The maximum win for those that really strike it lucky is an impressive 9,544x the original wager.

The big drawing card of the game is the series of randomly occurring modifiers, all of which can be activated during the base game. Leopard Spotted, Rhino Stampede, Buffalo Charge and Untamed Elephant each have their own benefits, including giant symbols, extra Wilds, Mystery Symbols and more. It all makes for some truly intense and exciting gameplay, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

Though, it is the Big Cat bonus that most players will really be looking for.

Unleash The Big Cat Bonus

Seeing a lion in the wilderness would certainly be reason for concern, though in the world of online pokies it is a huge benefit. The Big Cat Free Spins bonus awards 25 Free Spins, though each spin is accompanied by a host of other special features. The Wild Leopard Multiplier also comes into play, as well as the Savage Lion modifier, meaning that not only are all Leopard symbols wild, but payouts are also given a 3x multiplier.

Savanna Roar is available now at any of the best online casino NZ sites and is the perfect way for those that yearn for the African wilderness to take a virtual holiday. Only, in this version of the holiday money may actually be won, rather than being spent.