The LeoVegas Online Casino Story

The LeoVegas Online Casino StoryFounded in 2011 by online casino industry visionaries Gustaf Hagman and Robin Ramm-Ericson, Swedish iGaming giant LeoVegas NZ today has a truly remarkable story to tell.

It all started off with an idea to transform the online casino industry by introducing the use of the smartphone as the primary platform. A mobile-first site was born, and it was an absolute game changer.

Today, the LeoVegas team can look back not only on a mobile gaming mission successfully achieved, but also on an incredible journey that saw people with a passion for modern technology in gaming achieve so much more than initially expected across multiple verticals.

Regional Growth

From its humble beginnings within the context of a single market, the LeoVegas group today runs several offices all over the European continent.

After becoming a publicly listed company in 2016, the brand has gone on to make multiple key acquisitions. This has enabled LeoVegas NZ to expand on an international level across the globe, and with regulated markets the sole focus.

Significant acquisitions have included Royal Panda, Winga, Casino Grounds,, Rocket X, and IPS.  These have in numerous respects served to add enormous value and tenacity to the LeoVegas brand.

The Focus Is On People

Right from the very start, the LeoVegas brand's focus has been on people.

For LeoVegas NZ, the secret to its incredible success has all throughout their remarkable journey been that of getting the right people and talent on board.

While the online casino brand is obviously continuing to strive for success from a global expansion and corporate growth point of view, the LeoVegas team believes in offering opportunities to their employees for improving their own skills and personal and financial positions.

LeoVegas employees are entrusted with not only a great deal of responsibility in the workplace, but also with the expectation of taking initiative and personal ownership of the brand.

To this end, the brand has become increasingly more involved in causes that extend beyond just gaming. Examples of this include the brand's involvement with the Lion Recovery Fund and the Wildlife Conservation Network. Employees are furthermore encouraged to be socially active. Over the years, LeoVegas NZ employees have participated in numerous social drives and community initiatives, including national environmental clean-up campaigns, the Business and Professional Women's Careers Day, and the Malta Community Chest Fund.

Core Markets  

The LeoVegas brand is now licensed to operate across many international markets. These include New Zealand, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, and Spain.

The brand furthermore enjoys a leading presence in Latin American markets like Peru and Chile.

It’s safe to say that this is one online casino that led the way and continues to do so. Find out more about what it has to offer in our LeoVegas NZ review.