Casino Online NZ Giant Microgaming Celebrates 20 Years

Casino Online NZ Giant Microgaming Celebrates 20 YearsCasino online NZ favourite Microgaming recently did their bit for the environment and the inhabitants of the beautiful Isle of Man the company has called home for the past 20 years. A team of more than 80 volunteers on October 8 and 9 took to a patch of grassy area the size of two tennis courts in Rushen, and planted sapling trees as part of the iGaming specialist’s employee-led CSR programme, PlayItForward.

Microgaming coordinated the entire affair, with staff joining representatives from the Manx Wildlife Trust as everybody dug in and got their hands dirty for the incredible cause.

In addition to getting together and managing the team of tree-planters, the global and casino online NZ giant also donated 1,500 saplings to the project.

Cleverly named the “microforest”, the area is made up of several native tree species, including birch aspen, native oak, and hawthorn and wild roses.

A Promise To Nature

The project marks a further expansion of Microgaming’s pledge to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly company. While now a plantation of shrubbery and young growth, the area will in 70 years from now have grown into a larger-than-life oak woodland, providing many more years of biodiversity for the region’s humans and animal-life.

The area requires little ongoing maintenance and will be allowed to naturally develop into new a home for wildlife on the island.

Since rainfall in the region has been particularly low over recent weeks, Microgaming enlisted the services of the Rushen Fire Station for irrigating the land with just over 5,000 litres of much-needed hydration.

Also chipping in on the great cause had been the Southern Nomads RUFC, whose pitch is situated close by. They provided parking facilities for the more than 80 volunteers on the big day out in nature.

Celebrating 20 Years Of History

It was a proud moment for Microgaming as they celebrated their 20 years on the island. The casino online NZ giant’s project that will benefit the region for many more years to come, said CEO John Coleman of the wonderful endeavour.

Coleman also thanked everybody involved for their time and willingness to get down and dirty for a superbly good cause. He said together as a team, they’d all contributed to a project that will contribute much value to the area for decades more – while leaving behind a true and beautiful legacy.

But the microforest is only the first piece of what will eventually become a gigantic natural jigsaw puzzle, said Andree Dubbeldam, Conservation Officer for Manx Wildlife Trust of the project. He said aside from the natural benefits for the environment, Microgaming’s microforest will also help folks living on the island to enjoy all of the wonderful perks of getting out and into nature.