Casino Software Brand Microgaming Awarded ISO 14001

Casino Software Brand Microgaming Awarded ISO 14001This year, casino software brand Microgaming got to celebrate a very special World Environment Day. The iGaming giant not only got to reflect on all that it managed to achieve in its quest to go green, but received the official green stamp of approval in one of the best ways imaginable:  successful International Organisation for Standardisation 14001 certification –  or ISO 14001.

An ISO 14001 audit assesses a company’s impact on earth’s natural environment based on a pre-determined set of criteria. Focus areas include the training of staff regarding issues like green waste management, a systematic approach to reporting and monitoring performance and compliance, and to what extent (if any) the company being assessed is considered to have gone above and beyond in its quest to reduce its commercial footprint on the environment.

ISO 14001 certification is based on the international environmental management system (EMS). Together with ISO standards, the combination is considered the number 1 industry standard for environmental compliance and industry-certification.

Perfect Timing

That the casino software giant secured ISO 14001 certification on June 5, which just so happened to correspond with this year’s World Environment Day, added even more of a special element of value to the successfully passed ISO audit. Microgaming has been actively involved in the online casino industry since its very inception nearly 3 decades ago, and as such, regards the latest certification to be a significant milestone at long last achieved.

And if any one company is deserving of an accolade awarded for having gone the extra environmental mile, then that company would have to be Microgaming. Not only has the online casino industry giant created a full-time environmental and compliance officer position, but its also done quite the bit in terms of investing in environmentally friendly assets and systems. Examples include electric bikes, annual bus passes aimed at slowing down CO2 emissions caused by privately-owned vehicles, a new waste management system that includes the use of what are known as ‘smart bins’, automatic energy consumption monitors, and last but not least, the replacement of takeaway lunch containers with sustainable bio-degradable alternatives.

A Human Success Story

Microgaming CEO John Coleman is perhaps proudest of all of everything the casino software company has managed to achieve in aid of the environment. Coleman in his congratulatory press statement referred specifically to the company’s PlayItForward initiative, saying that Microgaming’s success is 100% reliant on the company’s biggest asset, which is its people.