Mobile Gaming Not 100% Mobile

Mobile Gaming Not Completely MobileThere can be no mistaking that mobile gaming has taken over the lion’s share of the virtual online gaming realm. Desktops were once the go-to for online casino players, but nowadays, a Kiwi player who’s after quality pokies and games need look no further than their trusty smartphone or tablet.

Statistics from all over the world have backed up the enormous multitude of the mobile gaming trend. The global games market is expected to reach over $108.9 billion this year, with the mobile sector described as its fastest growing segment.

What’s more, mobile gaming revenue projections reveal that the industry may grow by 19% this year alone, generating a whopping 42% of the total gaming industry’s revenues and amounting to over $46.1 billion.

Many Kiwi Players Still Turn To Desktops

So, with this borne in mind, can we be certain that desktops have become obsolete in the face of mobile gaming? Well, experts suggest that this isn’t entirely the case. The mobile trend has certainly taken over in New Zealand, with thousands of players enjoying mobile casino games each day – but many of these players still use their desktops for casino banking purposes.

There may be many reasons for this habit. Some players may perceive desktop-based banking as more secure and more reliable, and the desktop versions of their chosen casino brands may offer a wider range of payment options than their respective mobile apps.

With that said, there is some conjecture around whether or not mobile gaming is truly 100% mobile. Mobile casino platforms and apps are becoming more advanced as new technologies are developed, and this allows their operators to offer Kiwi players a continually growing range of mobile features and payment methods.

Wider Range Of Payment Methods May Prompt Warmer Reception

In many cases, desktop casinos are still king in terms of the range of payment methods offered, and even the selection of pokies and casino games on offer. Players in New Zealand have certainly joined the mobile movement, but it may be some time before they rely enough on mobile casinos to use them for banking instead of switching over to their computers to make deposits and withdrawals.

In the meantime, there is an ever-increasing movement for developers to make their mobile casinos as user-friendly as possible, and it won’t be long before mobile casino apps are equal in functionality and payment option choices to desktop sites.

The introduction of more updated methods like Bitcoin to mobile casinos is also expected to help warm players to the idea of making payments on the go, as easily recognisable deposit services generally attract a much better reception from discerning real money gamblers.