Mobile gaming opens up the playing field

Mobile gaming opens up the playing fieldThe thought of brick-and-mortar casinos conjures images of men in tuxedos playing Poker or Roulette with women in cocktail dresses by their side. The world is changing and women are getting more involved in gaming. The shift to mobile platforms has made online casinos in New Zealand and gaming entertainment more accessible to everyone.

You no longer need to dress up and leave your home to sit at a table for a high-stakes Poker game or to see the matching symbols drop on a pokie machine. People of all adult age groups, social classes, abilities and genders can sign up on a mobile device and be part of the fun.

Men or women, who do it more?

But now you are still wondering who participates more in online gaming, and it is the men that take this one. According to a Health and Lifestyle Survey, one in 10 New Zealand adults play in online casinos, and six out of the 10 are men. Although women have been gaming online for a shorter period of time, they are becoming more interested and trying their hands more. But men spend more time online.

A global empirical study that surveyed online gamers found that men play for longer times and that women have different motivations. Men play to win and women play for entertainment and to practice their skills.

The games women play

Women are climbing the ranks of Poker but tend to prefer online pokies or Bingo as their game of choice. Why you may ask? Because it is fun, pokies have impressive graphics and great soundtracks and women like the option of trying lots of various games. The software developers who are responsible for creating the games are constantly coming up with new concepts and visuals to expand the sheer number of options.

Bingo has been historically associated with older folks, but data shows that more and more young women are getting into it. It may not come as a surprise that about 80% of Bingo players globally are women. Even though it is online, they go to virtual Bingo halls and this feels more sociable than playing on your own.

A good place to start

There are multiple platforms to try and if you are looking for somewhere to start, one of the popular online casinos in New Zealand is JackpotCity. They offer animated online pokies, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and casino games with live dealers. The sign-up bonuses are attractive with the first four deposits being matched up to $400 each.