NetEnt Opens New UK Office

NetEnt Gaming LogoSwedish company NetEnt is legendary in the iGaming industry. They are known for delivering some of the best online casino game experiences, characterised by superior quality, stunning visuals, and highly innovative design. Recently the corporation announced the intention of a stronger focus in the United Kingdom market, referring to it as one of the most important in the world. Now, shortly after the announcement, that intention has come to pass. A new NetEnt office has been announced, under the NetEnt UK Ltd banner.

Managing director and chief strategist at NetEnt UK Ltd, Andy Whitworth, and director of products and services Rob Fell, are responsible for the new venue. According to them the new offices are an important step in a long term plan, and that more should be expected in the local market in the coming months.

This almost certainly means a new game is incoming, which is great news for pokies enthusiasts.

Recruiting Talent

Reports are that the new venue is already populated by top talent from the online casino industry, as would be expected from a corporation with such an outstanding reputation. Yet according to Whitworth the initial employee recruitment phase was only the beginning, with a second wave of employment opportunities due in the near future. He made it clear that since further expansion was guaranteed, and as new talent was drawn to the opportunity, further recruitment was also a certainty.

So it seems that there is now major room for talented artists and game designers to get into the industry.

Closer To Customers

But the new offices aren’t all just about finding the most skilled developers. Whitworth pointed out that the United Kingdom was currently the biggest market for NetEnt. With that being the case, it makes sense that the company wanted to be closer to its core customer base.

Though the move also spells an effort by the corporation to drive growth. CEO Therese Hillman said as much in her own statement. She called the new presence in the United Kingdom one of her key strategies for the year. A strategy which had now clearly been achieved.

What the future holds for this giant of the industry remains to be seen. But expectations are high, and online casino game enthusiasts will be waiting with bated breath for the next outstanding product to be released to the public. Whatever that product is, it will surely be made with the level of quality that has NetEnt is known for.