NetEnt Launches New In Game Betting Widget

NetEnt Launches New In Game Betting WidgetNetEnt has broken new ground with their latest widget, succinctly titled as the Live Sports Betting Widget. The software is a step forward in terms of online streaming technology, as well being a highly flexible content management tool. The result, very simply, allows live online casino games and live betting to be neatly combined, offering more convenience to players than ever before.

Hence a player may enjoy their favourite online casino game, and still have direct, live access to sports betting utilities. Bets can be placed quickly and easily, without the player having to disengage in any way. The betting options offered will also be updated live, meaning that bets placed will always be accurate, as the game unfolds.

Just In Time For WC 2018

This new technology from NetEnt comes hot on the heels of the World Cup 2018, clearly aimed at targeting football fans at the best possible moment. Chief Product Officer for NetEnt, Henrik Fagerlund, was not shy about pointing this out, stating that the Live Sports Betting Widget is not only an exciting new concept for the online market, but that the official release has been just in time for the World Cup.

Fagerlund went on to say that the software addresses a long running problem for the online industry, namely that users have had to choose casino games or betting, meaning that revenue is potentially lost for one or the other. The Live Sports Betting Widget ensures that this well never again be a problem.

Stoiximan Leads The Way

Online operator Stoixman is the first to adopt this new technology, just in time for the World Cup betting craze. Head of Stoiximan, Ioannis Kalambokis, said that he is committed to offering the best possible user experience, and has such worked closely with NetEnt in the development of the software. Kalambokis concluded by saying that users will never have to worry about choosing one form of entertainment over the other ever again.

The adoption of the software will no doubt mean a big leap in revenue for Stoiximan, plus offer enormous invitation for online casino users, who also wish to try their hand at betting. This ground breaking new software ushers in a new age for the online industry, and will no doubt quickly be adopted by bookmaker and casino websites everywhere. It surely wont be long before live video feeds of the game are added, providing an even greater level of direct access.