William Hill Announces New CEO

William Hill Announces New CEOUlrik Bengtsson has been announced as the new Chief Executive Officer of William Hill. He will be replacing Philip Bowcock at the helm, who is happy to be stepping into an advisory role after his tenure as largely a provisional CEO. Bengtsson brings with him a vast knowledge and plenty of experience in the digital world and the online gaming industry, which is where William Hill is aiming to expand their brand.

Currently, William Hill is listed in London and is known for both their online casinos and sportsbetting sites, as well as for having numerous land-based operations. Their plan for the coming future is to grow their online business both locally and internationally. According to a statement made by Bowcock, Ulrik Bengtsson is just the man to lead the organisation in this direction.

Bengtsson’s Move To The Top

Bengtsson moved to William Hill back in 2018 when he was personally recruited by Philip Bowcock to run the digital branch of the company. He came with a reputation for being good in the sector after successfully running the same division for Betsson AB in Sweden. The move to CEO just over a year later is no great surprise within the industry, as Bowcock has been working closely with him to achieve the company’s goals. The transition period should also be smooth as Bowcock is staying on to advise and consult.

Bowcock has been working for William Hill for four years, and has been CEO for the majority of his time there. He started off as Chief Financial Officer but had to step into the role of provisional CEO only eight months later when James Henderson stepped down suddenly. According to company records, the provisional element of Bowcock’s title was dropped in March 2017.

Company Plans For Expansion

The digital realm of online gaming has been calling to William Hill for several years now, and their plans for expansion are now full steam ahead with Bengtsson as CEO. In his statement after the announcement, Bengtsson mentioned that he has a strong strategy for the company’s future and is looking forward to working with his team to realise this vision. The industry has seen a number of major regulation changes happening around the world, but both incoming and outgoing CEOs are confident that the brand can make the moves they are planning.

Bengtsson continued his statement by saying that his strategy focuses on growth around the world and not just at home in the UK. They are also planning to make significant moves into the USA online casino and sports betting markets in the coming months, as well as broadening their reach across Europe.