New Thunderkick Online Pokies Gods Of Rock

New Thunderkick Online Pokies Gods Of RockWhat would happen if the ancient Gods descended to earth? Not with the intention of causing havoc, but rather with the intention of delivering some of the most hard-core rock anyone had ever heard? A bizarre theme for an online pokies to be sure, but certainly in-line with iGaming development studio Thunderkick. Called Gods Of Rock, the studio’s latest creation is as silly as it is entertaining, sure to get the interest of reel spinning enthusiasts around the world. The release is out now, and can be tried out at a best online casino NZ.

Thunderkick has produced some of the most popular online pokies in history, so when the studio announces a new release the iGaming world as a whole pays attention. On this occasion the company may have just outdone itself, with Gods Of Rock delivering outstanding quality in every department. The graphics are nothing short of masterful, depicting duelling rock gods exactly as would be imagined by a talented comic book artist. Though, the graphics aren’t even the best part, with this perhaps being the online pokies with the best rock and roll soundtrack in history.


Gods Of Rock utilises 6 reels, 3 rows, has 466 paylines, and is backed by a 96.05% RTP. The largest accepted bet is 100, and the biggest possible payout is 20,000x. It all seems fairly standard as far as online pokies are concerned, but the real magic here is found in the gameplay department.

First and foremost, the game utilises cascading reels. This means that symbols fall into the grid, and explode upon landing in a matching sequence. This allows for new symbols to fall in and occupy empty space, ultimately permitting for impressive chain win potential.

It is, however, the unique Wilds mechanic that makes this an online pokies classic.

Hard Rocking Bonuses

The Wild symbol, represented by a hand posed in the ‘devil fingers’ gesture, pulls double duty. Not only will a Wild substitute for all other symbols, potentially creating more frequent matches, but it will also add a multiplier to the reel that it lands on.

Additionally, each time a symbol explodes it adds to a Bonus Meter, which will eventually trigger the Wild Encore feature. 9 Free Spins are initially awarded in Wild Encore, with the potential for 3 more to be added each time the Bonus Meter is again maxed out.

The rock and roll thrill ride is available now at one of the best online casino NZ has to offer.