New Neteller Online Casino NZ Knect Loyalty Program

New Neteller Online Casino NZ Reward SystemNeteller, one of the world’s largest and most reputable online payment solutions providers and digital wallet suppliers, has just launched a special new loyalty program called Knect. Pegged to set a whole new industry standard, Neteller’s new Kneck loyalty program will reward online casino NZ users simply for using Neteller’s services and digital products for conducting their transactions.

How it works is that users will earn points for each transaction completed using Neteller – with transactions including payments (deposits), withdrawals, sending money to fellow Neteller users, and even for buying and selling cryptocurrency online.

Points earned as part of the loyalty program can ultimately be exchanged for a gamut of benefits and goodies – including vouchers, special prizes, or even cash.

It’s Great And It’s Free

Signing up for Knect is completely free via Android as well as Apple (iOS) devices. What’s more, should users want to opt out of the service, they can do so completely obligation-free and at any time – without first having to give notice, etc.

Those users who enjoy the new service at an online casino NZ can choose to increase the value of their benefits by boosting promotional material sent to them – thereby boosting at the same time also their points for every promo participated in.

Qualifying transactions all carry a maximum limit of 1,000 points per transaction and are subject to an overall limit of 500,000 points per month. What Neteller are actually doing is to reward users for doing transactions they are already performing in any way.

About The Neteller Brand

Neteller is by far one of the most safe and secure online payment solution providers available today. They’re a brand that have built a reputation on reliability, transparency, and open communication with their customers.

Online casino NZ enthusiasts, in particular, know Neteller to be one of the leading brands for completing online transactions in a fast, efficient, and perhaps most importantly, 100% secure way.

They facilitate payments between all leading banks and financial institutions and end payment destinations. For this reason, they’re a preferred household name for customers, online casino NZ operators like Spin Casino and other top brands.

Neteller already covers a wide spectrum of payment industries – and anyone with a Neteller account can at any time make payment to any participating merchant. Their platform is robust, user-friendly and available 24/7. And now that they’ve got a great new loyalty program on offer, they’re bound to enlarge their digital footprint by even more.