Pariplay Announces New Zombies Gone Wild Pokie

Zombies Gone Wild PokieWhilst it’s true that Pariplay may be a relatively new player in the market, the developer has managed to establish a superb and fully functional player-platform since the birth of the company back in 2010. Content-wise, Pariplay has made progress in leaps and bounds. The developer has just announced the latest addition to its award-winning portfolio of pokies games, and Zombies Gone Wild promises to be a battle for survival that is second to none.

It’s a storyline that just never seems to grow old; a tale of zombie-hunters battling it out on the reels in order to protect the civilised world from the dangers posed by the land and creatures of the undead.

Elaborate Special Features

But Zombies Gone Wild is about much more than just a popular theme. The developers at Pariplay have ensured that there is no shortage to special features. The pokie isn’t your typical everyday style of play, and even the special features contain elements of the theme being elaborated on even further.

Take the Mega Wilds feature, for example. Mega Wild symbols are activated when one of the game’s hunters are exposed to radiation, as this turns them into wild zombies too! Now that’s a twist in the plot that we did not see coming.

Thanks To Heroism, Everybody Wins

Zombies Gone Wild is a true tale of human heroism. The scene is set in a world where it has become necessary for all of humanity to be protected from the inhabitants of the land of the undead. True heroism is at the order of the day thanks to 3 hunters who are prepared to sacrifice life and in favour of the greater good.

In order to protect the world from the flesh-eating dangers lurking about in the streets, the hunters must willingly expose themselves to radiation so that they may become zombie wilds. By turning wild, they are able to make all of the other dangers on the game’s reels fall away. This achieved by means of matching it up with ordinary symbols.

It’s a win-win: the player has the opportunity to win a lot of cash on desktop or mobile, and the pokies reels are free from a zombie-infestation once more.