Playson Unveil Cash Blast Online Casino NZ Promo Tool

Playson Unveil Cash Blast Online Casino NZ Promo ToolThe world’s best online casino games developers are forever looking to create new ways for players to enjoy and benefit from their titles. Certainly, no exception to the rule is Playson and their latest big brainwave for increasing online casino NZ player engagement and satisfaction.

Making casino news headlines this week is Playson’s new Cash Blast promotional tool, which according to the studio’s press release is designed and crafted in such a way that it creates further and additional promo rewards for iGaming enthusiasts. And it’s all about working towards a steady increase in player engagement.

About Cash Blast

How the latest tool works is that it will deliver instant cash prizes to online casino NZ players at random intervals. Available across Playson’s entire portfolio of games, all prizes will be distributed throughout a special promo period especially set aside for following the big launch.

Revealing their latest big creation to partner operators and players is an exciting moment for the developer, said Playson product owner Gusyeva Ganna, of the big release. Ganna said Playson’s creative team of iGaming masterminds believes in the new product, as well as in the knowledge that it’s about to forever change the manner in which iGaming enthusiasts view and experience the developer’s offerings.

Ganna explained Playson, in creating their new tool, made use of an intricate algorithm for picking up on times when players failed to interact with games during previous promotional periods. In releasing their new Cash Blast tool, the aim is to correct this by creating a more streamlined approach to promo periods, as well as to engage more online casino NZ enthusiasts for longer and uninterrupted periods of time.

Cash Blast Features

What online casino NZ players are bound to specially enjoy is the new tool’s informative pop-up feature. For the duration of a promotion, players will notice a pop-up notification with information about the promo as well as how many Cash Blasts remain to be won. This pop-up will appear as part of every Playson title’s own in-game toolbar.

While Cash Blast will have no effect on the RTP percentage of games, it will lead to an increase in overall engagement. This, said Playson, has become apparent from the initial network promo period used to test and launch the exiting new tool.

With an increase in player engagement at the forefront of the reason for the big launch, operators will find Cash Blast a useful accompaniment to their existing online casino offerings. The tool will therefore benefit operators and players alike.