Pragmatic Play Unveils Honey Honey Honey Pokie

Pragmatic Play Unveils Honey Honey Honey PokieIf you have a sweet tooth, the latest pokie game from casino game developers Pragmatic Play might be just the thing for you. The pokie is titled Honey Honey Honey, and is based around a cartoon world that seems to consist entirely of the sugary sweet substance. From beehives, jars, and nectar rich flowers, you will certainly get your fill with each spin of the reels. Even the borders of the game are animated to drip with golden deliciousness, making you wonder if Pragmatic Play might just have a sweet tooth themselves.

Honey Honey Honey has 5 reels and 3 rows, but stands apart for the cute, innovative special features. A Queen Bee is lurking, waiting to make her appearance and help with massive payouts. Plus, don’t forget that honey is sticky, which lends a hand in making the reels stick as well.

But it is the interactive aspects that really make Honey Honey Honey a truly unique pokies experience.

Interactive Choices

Pragmatic Play explained that their main aim with the pokie was the introduction of deeper player interactions. To this end Honey Honey Honey offers a number of choices during gameplay, allowing different paths to be selected, and various bonus features to be directly chosen. The level of interactivity is certainly not common in most modern pokies, making this an interesting, innovative decision by the developers.

The Hive Alive feature is the core of the system, which allows players to either unlock additional special features, or summon the already mentioned Queen Bee. The Queen Bee Wild is, once chosen, able to trigger the potentially highly lucrative Honey Queen function.

The interactive choices work alongside the always activated Sticky Streak feature, which locks Wilds in place, potentially racking up massive chain wins.

Creating A Buzz

Elaborating on the release of the new game was Yossi Barzely, Chief BizDev Officer at Pragmatic Play. He referred to Honey Honey Honey as a fun evolution of pokies, bringing advancements that some may not expect. Although, he was quick to clarify, the game certainly is a traditional title, just tweaked in a few interesting and creative ways. Barzely also took the opportunity to praise his company, saying that the title was a solid demonstration that the development team was always moving from strength to strength.

Honey Honey Honey is now live, and can be experienced first-hand at all online casinos that offer Pragmatic Play titles. Response to the game so far has been positive, but if more pokies adopt the unique interactive approach is something that remains to be seen.