New Online Roulette Game From GameArt June 2024

New Online Roulette Game From GameArt

Sometimes players want to try something different, and the usual online Roulette games don’t always cut it. If that is the case, a good place to start might be with the latest release from development studio GameArt, aptly titled European Roulette. As the name suggests, this is another version of the popular game, allowing players to bet on the outcome of a spinning wheel. European Roulette is out now, has been well received, and can be tried out at a best online casino NZ powered by the developer’s software.

For the most part GameArt stuck to the most classic rules of this age-old game. Everything is as would be expected, with 37 pockets, a single 0 pocket, and 1-36 numbers. The betting options are all also according to tradition, meaning that veterans will certainly be pleased. But, a few betting extras have also been added, making this a modestly, but meaningfully unique take on a well-loved classic.

New Rules

In most online Roulette games, payouts are entirely random, meaning that the player really is simply handing themselves over to Lady Luck. But when it comes to this version of Roulette there is skill involved, requiring that a certain amount of thought be given to betting strategies. But, what if there were new betting options, allowing for alternate strategies, different approaches, and a whole new world of fun?

GameArt decided to put this question to the test, adding the options called Orphans, Serie 5/8, Big Series and Zero Game. More details on what these options do, and how they work into the bigger picture, are available in-game. Hence, those wanting to test out new and interesting territory can simply log in and select the question mark option to learn more.

Interesting Features

Beyond the new betting options there are a few other interesting tweaks and special features. Firstly, a built-in history mechanic informs of the last 30 numbers that have landed, allowing for the savvy to keep track of the action. A hot and cold feature is also included, which informs of the 5 hottest, and 5 coldest numbers so far.

All in all, the fast paced, entertaining action of European Roulette is an excellent choice, and certainly a great place for online Roulette players to test out new waters. Any one of the best online casino NZ has to offer will surely feature this excellent new title from GameArt now.