Smart Casino Tables Unveiled at G2E

Smart Casino Tables Unveiled at G2EAlthough it sounds like a plot lifted from a science-fiction novel, it’s a reality unfolding at the Philippines Global Gaming Expo in Manila. An IT solutions company from Korea called BGNT has revealed a smart casino table at the event. It looks like no other human involvement will be necessary for the real-money games of the very near future, thanks to Radio Frequency Identification technology. 

Brand operators, gambling technology developers and service providers are ambitious about developing their own RFID Smart Tables, but the challenge lies in ensuring they can handle large amounts of data at the right speed, without lags or irregularities.

Chief Executive of BGNT Seo Suk-jin stated that his company’s tables can read 700+ gaming chips in as little as four seconds, and betting in under a second is possible. He stated that the Smart Tables retain the same shape as those typically found in land-based casinos, so no gaming operations need changing in order to implement them.

Suk-jin is confident of the quality of the product and said that it has the power to enhance casinos’ credentials. He said this is done by his product adding a level of accuracy and transparency that’s otherwise impossible, and that this will mean improved sales and reduce the chances of fraud too.

More About RFID

Radio Frequency Identification technology is a method by which the automatic identification and tracking of tags attached to objects are made feasible. Thanks to a level of advancement and superiority unheard of until now, RFID technology uses electromagnetic fields to detect tags. These can be attached to anything, including cash, clothing, and possessions. They could theoretically even be implanted in animals and people!

In the gambling industry, this translates to tags being attached to chips, and RFID technology makes it practicable for these to be tracked and identified quickly and easily.

The Advantages of Smart Casino Tables

There are numerous benefits to using Smart Casino Tables. They’re automatic, fast, and accurate, and, because they require no manual involvement, they’re cost-effective. In terms of management and brand operations, these tables can provide a real-time inventory with exact float totals online in an instant.

Suspicious transactions will immediately be flagged and reported, so chip and fraud scams will become a thing of the past, and automatically recording transactions and other data in the casino currency is possible.